Monday, April 09, 2007

And my pimple is...

... gone!

Thanks to Olay Total Effects. This jar is really full of miracles. I've always had pimples. Since forever! I tried everything: dermatologists, facials, creams, acids, pills... The pimples always come back. But since using Olay Total Effects, my face has been super clear!

(Now will someone from Olay place an ad in my magazine already?)

Till last Friday, of course. One gigantic pimple erupted on my cheek. My fault. I saw a tiny blackhead there on Wednesday night and I picked at it incessantly. But on Saturday, the swelling and pus had completely disappeared, leaving just an angry red spot, which is now also gone. Amazing. I will still be perfect for the wedding!

Speaking of that, Aida, my best friend in the entire world, is here from France! She's here for my wedding! I am so so so happy she's here. I missed her so. I grabbed these photos from her Friendster account (I'll post pics of us soon!) and they're from her own wedding last year. I am so envious she's wearing green. This girl always does what she wants.

I have never wanted to wear a white gown but I will be doing so because I am a complete wuss who does everything her parents tell her (Ahahahaha, did I just say that? Oh, ahahahahaha!). Oh well, it doesn't matter! What matters is I'm wearing a gorgeous gown anyway (and it's cream, not virginal white), I'm marrying the most fabulous man in the world, and my best friend is here to celebrate with me!

These are really such happy days!


  1. Congratulations and good luck on your wedding!

    (I got here via Sorsi's blog)

  2. Oh hello there! Nice to meet another of Sorsi's friends =)


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