Saturday, April 07, 2007

Well, this is just great...

I have a pimple! My wedding's in 11 days and I have a huge pimple on my left cheek. What makes this worse is we're in the middle of Holy Week and my dermatologist won't be in her clinic till Wednesday. Just great.

Vince said, "Don't fret. It's just a pimple. It will be gone by Monday."

I said, "I'm not fretting."

What I really wanted to say was after being pimple-free for the last three months, why oh why did this one choose to burst out of my skin just right now?

Okay, I'm not really that upset about it. A bit pissed off, that's all. But mostly I'm happy these days. Giddy. I've taken leave from work to focus on the wedding now. But I haven't really done that. Mostly I'm just happy to be cooking and eating, lolling about in bed, reading my magazines, and watching TV. I should be doing stuff for the wedding but, hey, if there were no misalettes, will the wedding grind to a halt? If papa's suit doesn't get finished on time, will that prevent me and Vince from walking down the aisle? Uh-uh. We're good even if a lot of things still aren't. Vince and I are so chill about things really. Until I woke up and found this angry little volcano on my cheek, that is!

Anyway, speaking of chilling, Vince and I just watched this new sci-fi show, The Lost Room. It looks interesting so far. The premise is there's a motel room. Something very strange happened to this certain room--every thing in it can do stuff: a pen can burn you to death, a watch can cook hardboiled eggs, and a key can open doors to just about anywhere on the planet. Amazing, eh? Well, we've just watched the first episode so I'll tell you guys what happens in a month or so.

It's good we're watching something interesting again. We were pretty distraught with the end of Dexter and Rome (two of the finest shows that ever appeared on the tube), the break of Heroes, and the third season ending of Battlestar Galactica. Vince and I were like, "What are we going to watch now?!" There really isn't anything good to watch on local TV. And the cable provider here doesn't really provide a lot of quality shows.

Well, the second and final season of Rome is coming back on HBO this May. Thank God. But the thing is we've already finished watching it. It's not as fantastic as the first season but it's not a disappointment either, far from it. Octavian is now played by a really cute smart-looking guy who's kinda creepy, too (that's him in the white drapery). Atia is still as gleefully evil as before (that's her in red and purple). And Pulo, that big hunk of a soldier, is still endearing. I don't like Vorenus this time around, though. He's suffered huge tragedies but the actor, Kevin McKidd, seems to have difficulty expressing a range of emotions. He just basically throws tantrums left and right.

Now, the guy who plays Dexter Morgan on the mind-bogglingly good Dexter is fantastic with this kind of character. Michael Hall (guy in white) isn't gorgeous but by the end of the first episode, where he deliciously reveals his fascination for blood and his secret passion for murdering bad people, you're in love with him. He can really act cold-blooded and smart and charming all at the same time. I love Dexter Morgan. I'm no murderer but of all the TV and movie and book characters I've ever met, I identify with Dexter the most. Watch it to know what I mean. I'm going to buy the books this series was based on. And I so so hope they do a second season!!!

I'm also looking forward to the fourth, and hopefully the last, season of Battlestar Galactica. While I love this show, I'm kinda tired of waiting for them to find Earth. Find Earth already, you Capricans! The third season just trod along so slowly really. So annoying. But what an ending! That's how you end a season, folks! Of course, people who don't watch it have no idea what I'm talking about. Poor you.

I wish Heroes will come back soon. I really miss seeing them all say, "Save the cheerleader, save the world."


  1. Thanks for not posting spoilers for BSG (I'm halfway through season 2 pa lang) but managing to keep me excited! :P

    The Lost Room sounds very interesting :)

  2. Hi Chris!!! Yes, the Lost Room was indeed interesting except that by the end of the show, it kinda lost its way...


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