Thursday, August 02, 2007

The cutest kid in the world!

Just look at Suri Cruise. What an adorable kid. And she's so happy! Paparazzi (here on a Berlin street) always snap her laughing and smiling. What a happy kid. I guess Tom and Katie are fabulous parents then. You find out a lot about parents through their kids.

For example, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. For all their save-the-world shit, their kids always always look miserable. Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh have either one of these three expressions: scowling, angry or vacant. Now what does that say about Brad and Angelina?

Same with Britney's kids. Sean and Jayden are always upset. Now what does that say about Britney?

Not a lot of good, sweeties.


  1. suri looks like a mini-katie/tom

  2. I would have to agree with your observation. I always see smiling pictures of Suri. Shiloh's always pouting. Or maybe that's because of the shape of her lips?

  3. Yes, Monica, sometimes Suri looks like Katie but most of the time I see Tom =)

    Hi Jen! Shiloh may have big lips but that shouldn't prevent her from smiling! Brangelina's kids are miserable all the time.
    Oh, I tried to join your Wifey group. I don't know if I got in though. I got lost with all the things in MyBlogLog...

  4. Suri is definitely my favorite celebrity baby (although she's really a toddler now) and I insist on claiming that my own baby looks like her. :-p
    I hate Brangelina so I won't say anything about their kids, but you're right. Suri is always so happy. I love that video of her and Katie playing in the waters of the French Riviera. It doesn't matter what fabulous theories there are about her origin, TomKat (of whom I had never been a fan either, btw) are definitely doing something right with that kid. So sunny! My sister and I always "awww" or "ooooh" whenever we see her on TV. We can't help it. She's so adorable.

    Hugs to you, Frances!
    Ivy, aka, "Gushes over babies"

  5. Yeah, Suri's my favorite celebrity baby, too! I also find Kingston handsome... strange for a kid to look, not cute, but handsome.

    I also like scowling Maddox. In a very dark way, I like his naughtiness. He'll be a definite heartbreaker when he grows up. That is, if he becomes TALL and dashing. But you can see he'll have issues. Can't compete with the Pitt!

    Hugs to you, Ivy, and to your little senorita, too!

  6. Hey, that's harsh. We only ever see those kids in photos, taken many times in circumstances involving strange people with big machines and flashing lights. Those other kids could very well be happy and sunny away from the papparazzi.

  7. Oh, I'm actually being nice. Go to PerezHilton, JustJared, etc. The comments of the people there are nasty! And harshness is part of the job of an entertainment editor! Harhar.


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