Sunday, September 14, 2008

Must. Have. THIS!

I don't like monogram bags. They're vulgar--all that branding screaming in your face. So every time I see anybody toting a bag with huge logos on it, my mind starts chanting "insecure-insecure-insecure..." Despite this, I am not a-hatin'. A lot of my friends are into the whole logo thing. I tease them mercilessly and they tease back that I just can't afford their bags. Haha! Touché.

This doesn't mean I'm against designer bags. I love designer stuff! They're usually very well made and of high-quality materials. But what I can't stand is when they do the huge branding. It is perfectly wonderful to have designer bags but not to be flashy about it. For example, the Fendi bags I own have their logos (my initial F, hence my propensity to snatch up Fendi stuff) discreetly tucked away at the side or on the hardware. Flashy logos are so working class really.

But when I saw this bag, the new Gucci Babouska Medium Boston Bag, I just gasped! I want it!

Why??? Look at those GG logos peppered all over it. Look at the strange way those rabbits are drawn. Look at how the embroidered objects are so random, they don't make any sense at all. It looks like a kid vandalized her momma's bag. Yeah! It's so absolutely hideous, I love it!

Of course I want it because I'm the mother of two very cute and fat rabbits, and my favorite book of all time is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I love it because it's so fantastical and quirky and full of whimsy. It looks exactly like a bag a grownup Alice would own. C'est moi! And you can bet it's a great conversation piece because it's just so damn fugly, it's exquisite!

It's also USD 1,950. What the fuck.


  1. it's a very fun bag but i wonder how long before a gal will be out of love with it??

  2. lol - that is a bagful of whimsy!

  3. Savvy, as soon as I saw the price, I fell out of love!


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