Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner

That means I have to start clearing out our closets for the tons of gifts Vince and I are going to receive. Yep, that's one huge perk of being in the media. And our family and friends look forward to this season because they know they can just drop by and take their pick from the pile.

We get an enormous amount of chocolates and pastries. This is a very welcome thing because I never worry about what to bring to the dozens of parties the holidays bring. We also get bottles upon bottles of wine. Believe it or not, I don't drink alcohol. I'm allergic. This, Vince considers as the tragic irony of his life since he used to drink like a fish. Now he doesn't because he says it's no fun drinking alone.

While we can recycle the sweets for parties, the wine is another issue. Both our families, being devoutly Christian, don't drink alcohol. So we have enough liquid grape in our cabinets to start a wine of the month club, except that we don't drink!


  1. I'll take 'em! Allergies be damned. Hahaha. (I've kind of been training myself to tolerate more alcohol. It's working! One glass at a time.:) )

  2. Oho! Okay, Tish. When the gifts start coming, I'll just put the bottles on your desk, okay? =P


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