Sunday, October 19, 2008

What driving has taught me

One of my 2008 New Year resolutions is LEARN TO DRIVE. Yes. I was feeling rather ashamed that at my old age, I still have to depend on other people to get me places. Well, I love public transport (I like people watching) so it's not like not knowing how to drive ever really bothered me.

Until Vince had a moment of road rage and bumped into another car. That was when I realized I have to take over the wheel. Soon.

No one got hurt. Just hot tempers flared wildly. Mine included (hmmm, maybe I shouldn't drive!). There was just a huge scratch on both our vehicles--on our gray Nissan Frontier pickup and on her brand new Honda! Haha, too bad for her. While our pickup is a few years old, it still looks great. It is also sturdy and massive and quite powerful so other cars should do well to avoid a truck.

I don't have the photos from the accident
but this is how a Nissan Frontier looks like.
And below it is the tiny Honda.

Anyway, thank goodness for car insurance because we didn't have to spend on fixing up her car and our truck. I always thought Vince, a marvelous driver, was wasting money on his yearly insurance payments until the accident happened. Now I'm glad that we invested on such an important thing!

Well, I'm turning 32 in a couple of weeks and I now know how to drive. Hooray! However, I'm still a bundle of nerves, which annoys Vince no end. Patience, my husband! I also get on other drivers' nerves since I drive so slowly. Oh well. If there's anything driving has taught me, it's practice, patience and courtesy. Oh, and to make sure to pay the insurance company just in case!


  1. Hats off to your quest of mobility. :P

  2. Thanks! I still don't drive, though. Public transport is still the best!


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