Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skeletons in the closet rattle on for Jen and Brangelina

Well, I'm sure you all know what we at OK! are going crazy about this week. The bizarre love triangle that is Jen-Brad-Angelina. That threesome just won't quit! With Angelina finally admitting to The New York Times that she and Brad fell in love on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while he was still married to Jen, and Jen also commenting in a Vogue interview that what Angelina did (revealing details of how the affair began) was "very uncool," the entertainment media--which includes me--are definitely in a tizzle.

Brad and Angelina do make a lovely couple, don't they? And they're obviously
in love and happy. May karma never happen to them because those kids they have
would be devastated! I wish these two would get married!
I'm sure they want that, too.

Jen is now being attacked by rabid Brangelina fans as "whiny" and telling her to "move on." Honestly, I think that she was quite polite! If some woman stole my husband, you can bet I'll be calling her nastier things than just plain "uncool." I mean, really! The end of any relationship, most especially a marriage, can be ugly but when people start taking the side of the adulterer and his mistress, then the world has become truly evil.

Brad and Jen in happier times.
They did have dumb wedding vows like
"splitting the difference on the thermostat" and

making his "favorite banana milk shake."
I guess if your vows are silly like that,

you kinda doom your marriage, eh?

I'm no Aniston fan. I didn't watch Friends. I'm no Brad Pitt fan either, even though my husband is. I'm actually a fan of Angelina, having fallen in love with her in Gia and The Bone Collector. But I'm a married woman and anyone who destroys a marriage is just wrong in my eyes. True, marriage is hard. It's really one of the most difficult things I've ever done and I'm sure Vince isn't having an easy time either. That's why you take those vows--they're supposed to make you stay in the marriage whatever happens, at whatever cost, till death parts you both. I do believe that some marriages should be ended especially when one's life is in danger.

Though my Papa was always very sweet to Mama, he decided at age 40 that he didn't want to work anymore. In a very basic way, that is a huge betrayal because he promised to provide for Mama and her children till death. He refused to fulfill that promise and we all suffered financially and psychologically. I sometimes still wish she left him a long time ago. I think we would've been happier. But marriage isn't about happiness--it's about commitment and family. And because I saw Mama stick it with Papa till she died, I know I'm staying with Vince till I die. His parents are still married and he can't imagine us ever separating.

Australia's New Idea published a series of paparazzi photos
(one of which is posted here)
of a very friendly
Brad and Angelina in Italy in November 2004,

two months before Brad and Jen announced their separation.

But back to the bizarre love triangle. I've always been deeply disturbed that people are very emotional when it comes to these three. And I've also been profoundly afraid for marriage because everyone seems to have the opinion that Brad was right to leave a love-less marriage, and that as long as they didn't have sex while he was still married, no cheating was committed. Well, people are clearly missing some very important facts! Brad and Angelina were caught having sex in a hotel in Africa in March 2005, she moved in with him in August 2005, and she was already 2 months pregnant with Shiloh when Brad's divorce was finalized on October 2005. The marriage ended on October so any sex before that is adultery. And now Angelina finally admitted that something more than friendship happened while they were shooting that movie in 2004.

Behind the scenes, Brad admired his sexy co-star on the set
of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in this 2004 photo.

Even more than actual sex, the Bible says that just looking at a woman with lust is already cheating. In Matthew 5:27-28, Jesus says, "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'Thou shall not commit adultery.' But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

I rest my case on that one. And don't argue with me. Take it up with God and make Him change His word, if you can.

*Vogue's December issue on newsstands tomorrow, November 19.


  1. I just get aggravated that people seem to want Jen to be miserable, and what did she do to deserve that?

  2. I've been a Jen fan but this is not why I'm taking her side. In fact, I'm not taking Angelina's either. I'm taking the side of a righteous marriage. It disgusts me now that Brad and most especially Angie glorifies how their relationship blossomed. Her better-late-than-never admission will not ever make it right. Yes, God allows redemption and the Bible says to extend grace to those who are lost but the same Bible also says that all sins will be paid for by death. And the only way to be saved is thru repentance and Jesus Christ. Now of course, I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing Angelina converting into a Christian anytime soon. So it's sad they're dragging all those innocent little children into their sin. It's not going to be karma. It's bondage that will be inherited by their grandchildren all through the years. *Sigh* Anyway, atleast I think God allows these examples to surface for us believers to discern our personal lives, values and principles. We know what's right so let's keep doing that.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. Maybe some men will be reminded of this verse & will think twice before buying & ogling those men's mags.

  4. it's getting so old now. I'm just not going to say anything. Cast the first stone.

  5. i am a strong believer and advocate of marriage too so it kinda irks me when people just think it's something they can easily get into and shrug off like a dress when they're not so inlove anymore. and hello, it's not cheating just because they didn't have sex? whatthe! hay.

  6. True about the adultery thing. You can't argue with that, but the thing is Aniston wasn't even referring to that betrayal so it will do the Brangelina fans good to just pause and analyze, make sure they're addressing the correct issue. Jen was saying it's inappropriate/ disrespectful of Angelina to talk about the cheating stage of her relationship with Brad. I agree. People will say they didn't mean to fall in love and that Jen probably had some fault in the whole breakup. It's not about that. Why must Angelina flaunt, be all proud and giddy about the fact that she had fallen in love with a married man?
    Just my two cents'. Hehe. Hi, Frances. :)

  7. I'm Team Aniston all the way haha!


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