Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Vaccinations and other important stuff occupy me lately

I know I haven't been updating as often as I used to do. Life's been pretty hectic. Aside from the social events and magazine shoots, there have also been the taxes to pay, insurance plans to review and pay for, financial check-ups, medical appointments, and what have you. All the boring stuff that I really do hate to do.

On the medical aspect, I just had my first of three cervical cancer vaccinations. So I can't get pregnant till after August so I'm on the pill again. And, boy, adjusting back to the hormones is just awful. I feel nauseous practically every day. I'm also planning flu vaccinations for the hubby and me soon. I think getting the flu vaccine is one of the best things I've ever done. I have weak lungs and I used to get rushed to the hospital several times a year, but since getting the flu shot and pneumonia shot in 2007, I've not seen the ER! Yey!

On the financial aspect, well, I will confess something utterly stupid. We didn't know we had to pay property taxes. Haha. My mother-in-law mentioned it one day, I checked with city hall, and BAM! We had three years worth of taxes plus penalties to pay! I am not ashamed to admit this but I cried and begged at the tax counter and so the woman took pity on me and gave me a discount. So I will pay for all that today. Sigh.

So on the financial side of things, well, we're okay. Yes, despite all that has happened recently, Vince and I are still above water. And yet, we're worried. The global financial crisis has hit the Philippines and suddenly everything--our jobs, our savings, our insurance plans--is on shaky ground. Scary times, I tell you.

I guess it's good that we don't plan to get pregnant soon. A child is pretty expensive to have and to keep, and we are aware that we're financially okay only because there's just the two of us. All I pray for now is that God cover me and my loved ones with His protection from sickness and accidents. As long as no one is sick or needing medical care, I know we'll be all right.


  1. I hope your body adjusts to the hormones soon, feeling constantly out of sorts can't be much fun.
    I was meant to get the flu vaccine this year as my immune system is awful, but I kept "forgetting" to book the appointment. So far so good though!

  2. hey you.

    gosh from your post you sound like a segurista woman. i mean, i never got vaxed as a child. only 3 impt ones...then none na. i dont believe in it at all :P we are working on a workshop to break all your old notions on health and wellness...i hope you can attend. its about advanced medicine :) blog abt it soon!

  3. Hi Frances! Nice to hear that you're planning to get your flu shots. Yup, it's indeed a must (I was also advised by my doctor to get one since I'm also an asthmatic--but then I still haven't gone to get one)

    Oh and you mentioned you can't get pregnant till after August. Pardon me for asking but does that mean, you and Vince are already looking forward to having kids? If that's the case, I'll be one of the happiest people. I've been following your blog and even when I met you last year, I was damn lucky to meet the girl with such an exciting and great lovelife.

    Walang bola yan ha.

    Regards you your OK staff.


  4. Hi D-C! ya, feeling dizzy and throw-uppy is never my cup of tea. Now, make sure you get your flu shots!

    Dharma, yes, very segurista. That's why I have a huge problem with having kids--you're never sure what you're going to get! About vaccines, well, I didn't get all of them either and my childhood was spent in and out of hospitals. So maybe swerte ka at ako hindi...

    Glaiza, sorry to disappoint you but, no, Vince and I are still not looking forward to having kids. We're actually happy we have a new excuse to be on the pill! After August, naku, pressure na naman from the world to get pregnant. So maybe we'll try after that but you can bet that we'll try very half-heartedly! =D


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