Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Ack, such a busy week! The first half of every month is usually spent promoting OK! magazine--touring radio stations, guesting on TV shows, and attending product launches. On that note, have you grabbed the May issue of OK! yet? It has Angelina (yet again) on our cover as she talks about being happy with her friendless state. Actually, I prefer our stories on Hollywood BFFs, bromance and frenemies--so fun and juicy! Plus, I'm very proud of our Top 50 Hollywood Moments, a list of the most unforgettable moments in the last 25 years! Fantastic issue!

Back to promoting... I've been fortunate enough to be invited regularly by radio stations Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, and 99.5 RT, and TV show Juicy. Today, I just came from the studio, my face thick with orange makeup. To my Filipino readers, my appearance will come out on Wednesday, 11 AM on TV5. I promise you now that I will be awful--I reviewed the segment and the shirt I wore today gathered around my waist so that I looked really fat! How is that even possible! The cameraman looked at me indulgently and said, "Miss, you want a zoom in so pretty face only not fat tummy?" Haha.

Let me just tell you that though I adore being on Juicy, I find the TV studio so so very far away! The studio is an hour's drive from the office, in Novaliches, where the tall buildings and huge malls of Quezon City give way to factories and shops of auto parts, construction supplies and other industrial products. That's two hours to and fro, plus an hour of waiting for my turn to talk, then the 5-minute interview and that's almost 4 hours of my life. And what comes out on TV? A mere two minutes! Well, that's TV for you!


  1. wow miss you do lead a glam lifestyle!
    and I can't imagine you ever looking chubby!

  2. Welcome to my former world! Haha! Oh Fran, I used to work for TV5 and I always curse the day when I have to go to taping. I really believe Novaliches should not be part of QC anymore. It's just not right. An hour drive means you're already going out of town!!! I also come from our Pioneer condo when I used to work there so I know how looong that ride can take. :-)

  3. Your life is so damn exciting to me!

  4. Well, Bucca, the camera does add 10 pounds and I guess the cameraman thought I was fat!

    Mrs. Palarca, oh my. Well, I totally understand why you gave that up then. That's so many hours of your life lost in the commute!

    DaisyChain, life gets more exciting each day. Be patient--you'll get there soon enough!


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