Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before August starts, a few requests

I'd like to ask everyone to:

1. Please pick up the July issue of OK! magazine, featuring Robert Pattinson on the cover. Oh, and Brad and Angelina. And the Harry Potter cast! Have you all seen Half-Blood Prince yet?! It's actually pretty good. And the guy who plays Cormac McLaggen is pretty hot. Reminds me of a young and sexier Ryan Philippe! OK!'s features assistant Elaine Natividad writes more about this gorgeous creature in her blog Tralaland.

2. Check out! It's my husband's new baby. Vince is the former editor-in-chief of T3 Philippines but there's a global trend now where gadget freaks turn to the worldwide web and not to print media for their technology news. So Vince is now at the helm of It's pretty cool--if you liked T3, then you'll still find the honest reviews on anything from small gadgets like USB sticks and Mp3 players to expensive stuff like laptops and flatscreen TVs. Tech news are updated daily and now it's possible for stuff like movie reviews. There's a Buyer's Guide, too! The site is still very new and Vince is going crazy setting it up but please support! Thanks!3. Join my Moleskine Giveaway! All the details are right after this post! Scroll down now...

I hope you all have a nice day!


  1. Congrats to Vince on his new job!

  2. send me a copy of your magazine and I'll read it ;) xx

  3. congrat to your hub! what is going on with brad and angie anyway.

  4. Hi Frances! So nice to have met you earlier at the BDJ event. I'm actually acquainted with Jennie A., I see her around a lot of blogger events. :)

    Good luck with the last leg of the Moleskine giveaways, and keep up the good work with OK! Magazine. It's the only showbiz-related mag that I buy. :)

  5. Thanks, WendyB--I'm loving your European travelogue!

    Daisy Chain, I believe the UK edition of OK! will prefer you grab a homegrown copy instead!

    Savvy Mode, they are still together. Good news, yes, but huge yawn!

    Rowena, nice to meet you, too! And nice to know you know Jen, too! And super duper thanks for being an OK! reader!!!!!!!


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