Wednesday, March 17, 2010

24 years later

Interesting to observe that a little more than two decades after the fall of Marcos and the rise of the Aquinos, it is the Marcos scion who has done more for the country than the Aquino son.

Bong Bong


Like his sister, Kris, Noynoy is still brandishing about his parents like a weapon and a shield. Very powerful, I must admit. But I prefer Bong Bong--you can't argue with his achievements: harnessing wind energy, bringing in tourism, supporting farmers (take that, Hacienda Luisita guy!). And yet he has the Marcos name. Very damning, I must admit.

Sad. We're judging these two men based on what their parents have done--idolizing one while condemning the other. If you just look at them, just them, the other is obviously much much better. 

That they both have infantile names is sad, too.


  1. hahaha, at natawa ako sa names! oo nga!

  2. hahaha! you're right. bongbong. noynoy. hahaha! :)
    you seem to be really considering who you'll vote this coming elections. that's nice. i'm a registered voter. for sure, i won't vote a candidate just because he or she's a top contender and my vote is wasted if i vote a deserving candidate but lacks popularity and funding.

  3. You are so right! What has Noynoy done anyway? So sad that so many people think he's our "salvation" from our problems with graft and corruption. That may be true. He does not seem the type to steal but his strength may be his weakness in the end. He does not seem strong enough to be president of a problematic nation. His staff will just walk over him.

  4. i so agree with this post, frances. Although we know not many people will--something about judging people by their last names? It always makes me cringe how some people seem to think Noynoy is a hero of some sort.

    Btw, I don't like watching his commercials because even his scripted lines lack conviction.

    The part about their names made me LOL.

  5. Infantile names!! Kurak! Bwahahaha What were their parents thinking when they gave them those names?

    Hay! I really hate how Kris always drags her parents' names whenever she gets embroiled in a scandal. Pathetic!

  6. Well, if you judge how their kids turned out, it would be safe to conclude that the evil Marcoses were better parents than the holy Aquinos. Kay Kris Aquino pa lang, alam na nating lahat na epic fail si Cory at si Ninoy.

  7. You know, I quite like Bongbong too.:)

    A friend of mine, son of a politician with a not-so-stellar rep, once said, "I may carry my father's name, but take note, I am not my father."


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