Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mean girls on TV

I don't like these commercials on TV. Makes women look so petty, shallow and mean.

A girl tells her friend giddily that her guy, Ian, got her flowers. Instead of the friend becoming happy for her, friend tells the girl that "Paolo got me gold!" And she was texting on her phone the entire time! Like her friend doesn't even matter. Well, obviously.

Kim Chiu--who endorses everything from biscuits and toothpaste to acne facial cleansers and shampoo--is at a shoot and the wind machine blows her hair into a mess, but she smooths this away with just her fingers. Girl producer says mean comments about Kim, while shooting dagger looks of pure envy. 

Well. Fine, anyone--not just women--can be mean. We criticize and mock appearances, opinions, beliefs, faiths, choices... In fact, I get enough catty comments on my blogs and on my Facebook wall (mostly from relatives and some people that I wish I wasn't FB friends with but you just can't "ignore" because they were a part of your life) to convince me that people are really not nice. So I'm not being naive... right?

Okay, so I'm Pollyanna in the flesh! I just don't like nastiness being shown on TV commercials. I mean, I can be nasty myself, and when I'm bad, I'm very very bad (although now that I'm older, I'm very careful not to be nasty in writing. As the adage goes, "Print and be damned!"). This doesn't mean I take pleasure in nastiness. I actually like happiness and positivity and all things good and nice. Is that so bad? And is it too much to ask that our commercials remain free from nastiness?

In my mommy blog, I ask the same question: Can't fellow parents be nice?


  1. Same with you, I don't really get the Kim Chiu commercial, she just straightened her hair with her fingers and she's got mean comments from those 2 girls? Does that even happen in real life? It does bring out so much negativity even in commercials! Sam Pinto one is new for me, I just watched it here!

    Let's stay positive! The weather's already too hot to handle!

  2. haha! if ur pollyanna, i'm sarah munting prinsesa...i also can't bear any nastiness, especially the one's directed to me...lucky me i don't have that much readers (/haters) on my blog because i post articles about parenting styles that worked for my daughter...

  3. I consider myself very very tactless in person but not on what i write. true indeed with "print and be damned!". these commercials not only demeans our character as women but advocates envy between women when we all should stick together.


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