Friday, April 02, 2010

Part 1: Me in The Medical City (and why I'm changing hospitals)

Last week, my cold turned into bronchopneumonia and acute asthma. Both being life-threatening conditions, I had to be confined at The Medical City for treatment. Now, I've always been the sickly sort so I've been in and out of hospitals all my life, and trust me, I've been everywhere--from clinics in the middle of nowhere and government health centers to really fabulous state-of-the-art hospitals. But last weekend at TMC, I had such a bad time that I asked to be released after 3 days even though the doctors wanted me to stay for a week.

So what happened? First, I want to state that most of the medical staff were wonderful. From the ER to my nurses, so I'd really like to thank them for taking care of me.
Vince had a hard time smiling last weekend. 

My beef is with the pulmonologist--not my usual pulmonologist but a new one accredited by HPPI, the cheap insurance from work. This new guy really needs a lesson or two on bedside manners. After emergency care was given, I was wheeled to my room where the pulmo came to visit. After checking my breathing, he said that he had authorized medicines that may cause birth defects to my son. I can't even describe the shock Vince and I felt. Then he proceeded on rattling off a list of possible defects, like a grocery list, then, just like that, he left.

I was horrified and kept praying and crying. The crying definitely was no help with my asthma, and I had an even more difficult time breathing after that terrible visit from the pulmo. Several friends told me they were praying, too, and that helped comfort me.

But comfort only came when the OB came to check up on me and the baby in the evening. After I mentioned what the pulmo said, the OB got mad and said, "That is not true. We will never give you anything that may harm your baby. In fact, we couldn't perform emergency procedures immediately because we had to think of the baby. All the medicines given to you are safe and will not harm you or the child." The OB also assured me that had there been a need to give me treatment that may harm my boy, they will need to get our permission first since no one wants to get sued.

So there. That is one major reason why I felt very negative vibes when I was confined. I suffered--and perhaps my son did, too--a ton of undue stress. The other source of stress? That's in the next post. Lemme just get a glass of water since I'm getting upset all over again.

P.S. This is me, feeling much happier after the OB's visit. Despite my OB's assurances, I'd like to still request for your prayers for my little boy. Please pray for his health and normal development. He's still got a long way to go!


  1. Oh boy, that is so wrong! I'm baby-sitting for my 4-month old nephew right now, and all the more that I feel REALLY mad at that doctor. I hope you can still do something about what he did! Gosh.

    My prayers for you & your son, F. Goodnight!

  2. Hi, Frances! Hope everything's better now.

    I was there for two weeks a few weeks ago, and the worst part was having to deal with HPPI. Good Lord, they even had the gall to tell HR that I was sick because of my immune system. My doctors (I had several, but the chief attending physician was my cardiologist) were furious. They said no one from HPPI talked to them, so how could they even say that? Also, I was given the runaround every time I asked how much of the total cost they were going to cover. The ending? I stayed for an extra day because of all their boo-boos.

    I hope the company gets an insurance agency like MEDICard instead of HPPI come renewal time.

  3. I'm shocked! Your pulmo did not at all act like a doctor should. Tsk.

    Will say a little prayer for your and Baby Boy's health.

  4. I would sue that doctor just for being an A$$. How dare he???

  5. Is the pulmo crazy?! He obviously doesn't know anything about treating pregnant women. All we want and pray for are healthy children. I'll be praying for you! Oh, make that two of us -- me and Matty :)

  6. That Pulmo doctor is definitely out of line, we never give meds like that to pregnant patients w/o waivers. Idiot. Good thing your OB was there to reassure you. Praying for you and Jellybean still. :)

  7. Hi Frances! reading your post, I can't help but be fuming mad with that seemingly-dumb pulmonologist. Really way out of line sa halip na maging okay ang pakiramdam eh dagdag pa sa stress ng pasyente. If I get to have a kind of doctor like that, I won't have any second thought in telling him he's incompetent--right on his face. Hindi kasama sa trabaho nya ang magbigay ng additional stress sa pasyente.

    Have faith. Things will be okay for you and for your Jelly Bean.

  8. agree with Glaiza. And I would ask for a replacement doctor, pronto! no matter how good he is technically, part of the way to getting better is a person's emotional well being, and that means not giving additional stress. You know what, I thought our company health card (Valucare)wouldn't pull through because it's not as famous as Intellicare or other cards, but their service was good. The coordinator dropped by once to have me sign some forms and assured me that they will take care of the bill and that I only have to settle a few incidentals. That was it.

  9. let me share my experience when i got pneumonia last january. Med city pulmonologists need to attend ethics classes! I really wrote her name ha!!!!! Do not ever protect these people even if they are doctors!!!! They should be accountable and should know what ethics are!!!!

  10. That pulmonologist is annoying!!!

    I hope you and the baby are feeling better. Will include you in my prayers. :)

  11. OMG!
    im so sorry for not being able to at least share my thoughts even on your blog. I have been on hiatus & even though i do post, i haven't had the time to read & leave comments as much as i want to.

    I was soooooo shocked too when i read this. I can't imagine the shocked you must have felt when you heard that since you are the one who is deeply affected. This is really very disturbing....


    *back reading to the next post*

  12. Thanks, everybody! Nakakaiyak talaga yung nangyari but he already apologized ( and so it's okay na. Let's hope that when Jelly Bean comes out, okay na talaga! Thank you for your prayers =D


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