Saturday, May 29, 2010

To the students who read this blog, do check out this school diary

I know from the regular commenters and from my blog's fabulous Facebook page that my readers are mostly women in their mid-20s to mid-30s but in case you're younger than the demographics and are still in school or you have sisters and nieces still in school, you just might think this journal is uber cute and useful:
The Campus Journal from Belle de Jour for SY 2010-2011

You can paste your pretty picture in the box

List down your goals for the school year

Fill those charts up with straight As!

So you never forget the birthdays of your friends/classmates/teachers

This is so you know when to practice safe sex!

Because even though you feel young and invincible, you oughta prioritize your health!

So that when vacations finally come, you'll be ready for them!

Meanwhile, get busy with schoolwork and extra-curricular stuff

And let your days be filled with studying, friendships and fun

Of course, every BDJ journal comes with discount coupons--from shoes and dresses to spa services and the best acne treatments!

Which can really help you save money while look great at the same time!

The Campus Journal is filled with pages upon pages of neat stuff that can help you sort through the busy life of a student! Make sure you grab one (or two or three for your barkada!). Order online by sending your name, delivery address, email address, mobile number and number of planners you want to Or you can just check out the bookstores! I think it's P348 in bookstores but online, it's P320.

This is not a press release, by the way! It's just a big thank you to my BDJ friends Darlyn, Kat and Em, who send me my yearly BDJ planner and now my Dr. Mom journal, too.


  1. Awww. Too cute! :) I wish I had it when I was younger! :(

  2. ooh ;) thanks thanks frances :) super duper thanks :)

  3. Hey Frances, I've been following your blog for the past few months now. You come across as a smart, sensible woman with good values which is why I like reading your blog. So I just had to comment on the caption "So you know when to practice safe sex!". I think it's quite off since the target market of the planner is schoolgirls. It just seems like you're promoting premarital sex. I'm not preaching anything here, this is just a friendly comment from someone with traditional beliefs. :)

  4. this is a cute planner from BDJ! It's perfect for my younger cousins. :-)

  5. Camille, that's what I keep telling Frances with this blog of hers. It's her but since she now carefully chooses what to tell people, you guys think she's a "sensible woman with good values." LOL LOL LOL! She's the craziest most liberated woman I know! Love you, F!

  6. Hoy N, I didn't comment na nga since I kinda thought it was cute she thought that way about me (because I do believe sex is part of everyone's education, especially a college education haha)! Love ya, too!

    But, Camille, ya, I don't think you'll like me very much then if you ever get to meet me. I'd shock your panties off! =D

  7. Sorry I couldn't help but makicomment also :) Ako naman, I like that there are now things like those to help girls become aware of safe sex and all that kasi, at the rate, there's no stopping these kids, so just might as well equip them with safe sex knowledge, right?
    So kudos to you and the BDJ girls.

    But that's just me :)


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