Monday, January 03, 2011

5 tips on how to find your prince (thanks, Kate Middleton!)

Remember my post about my radio tour last month? I talked about "How to Find Your On Prince" or, since there are very few princes in the world, "How to Snag a Rich Guy." Hahaha! Let's look to Miss Middleton for tips!

Hang out where the rich hang out. You’ll never snag a rich guy if you never meet one. Kate Middleton may not have a drop of aristocratic blood in her veins but she was at the right place—she and William were not just classmates, they lived in the same dormitory, too.

You need to look great. Face it. You’ll be arm candy. Unlike regular men, rich men have more options simply because there are more women who want them. And because they have positions of power, they’re naturally going to need someone who will look good beside them. Be beautiful, gracious and elegant. Slutty is not what rich men want!
Kate was voted the Prettiest Girl in Sally’s, their residence hall. Even better, because she’s so fit, when she participated in a fashion show and she walked out in a see-through slip, she got William’s attention.

Be nice and sweet. Believe it or not, rich men need love, too. And again, believe it or not, really rich men are actually quite boring people. They want a wife who will not make trouble—spending extravagantly, being scandalous, isn’t discreet, or is emotional and bad tempered. They don’t want a troubled marriage because he spends all day at a stressful job making all that money. So he wants to come home to a nice and quiet place. Plus, he won’t remain rich if he divorces you and will have to give you half his wealth!
Kate was shy and quiet and down-to-earth. She grew up in the country so she was a simple girl who liked outdoor activities. She and William started out as friends—she took down notes in class if he had to be away, they would run or bike together, discuss schoolwork. She kept a low profile. In the eight years she’d been William’s girlfriend, she never gave interviews, never caught by paparazzi drunk or in compromising situations.

Have plenty in common. Rich men have different pursuits from you and me simply because they can afford it. Golf, car races, collecting vintage books, yachting, art, travel or video game consoles in every room, you name it. If they’re going to share their life with you, you better know what they’re passionate about and share that passion, too.
For Kate and William, it was sports and healthy living. They like to ski, swim, eat healthy, hunt, shoot, do simple things (do the grocery and go on picnics) and travel. They also share the same sense of humor.

Make him buy the cow. Yes, this refers to that old saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Don’t be easy. There’s already a lot of women giving him (or selling him!) their favors. Be everything above but most importantly, be someone he can commit to.
When William first tried to kiss Kate, she pulled away in shock (nice move, girl!). Also, when William paid attention to other girls, she made it clear she wasn’t waiting around for him—she’d spend her weekends at home or she won’t text or call him. She wasn’t always available. She also made plans with her life—finishing college, getting a job (accessory buyer). She showed William and the world that she wasn’t just waiting around to become a royal wife (even if she was).  But because she still showed that she was discreet, loyal, dependable, trustworthy and committed, William saw that she was a keeper. And he finally proposed!

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