Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Join Bayo's summer internship program!

Seems like everybody's off to the beach or have jetted off to another country! Myself? We've already spent a lovely long weekend at Shangri-la Mactan (photos as soon as I resize them!) and we're already looking forward to a few quiet days spent here in empty Manila.

Of course, by next week, we'll all be back to the daily grind. Except students on summer break, you lucky you! Now, if you're a young sweetheart who loves fashion and you want to see what's it like to work in the glamorous, cut-throat, competitive and yet super fun world of clothes and accessories, you just might want to check out Bayo's summer internship program.

I never got to be an intern when I was in college. But I did work for our church as the receptionist. You know, I learned a lot from that summer job and got great career advice from my boss and mentor, Pastor Eddie Lyons. I learned how to be very polite, to be of service, to make the caller feel important and to get straight to the point. So I'm glad that I was a receptionist because it sure has helped me get to where I am today!
Here's the application form you can just download. Bring it to the nearest Bayo store. Application has been extended to April 30 so you still have time. I know the jpg says to email it, but good luck editing that file! And good luck on your summer adventures!


  1. This is soooo cool!!!

    Now if only I wasn't busy this summer! :(

  2. Hi! I didn't make the cut for the bayo internship. :( I'm 17 and I'm looking for something productive to do this May, do you by any chance know of any other internships I can apply for?

  3. Charmaine, try Summit Media!


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