Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Anthology X Team Manila collab: Happy Pinoy feet guaranteed!

One of my favorite bloggers is Karrots Nazareno of I wish she'd blog more often but she's a very busy woman so I go Karotitay-hungry for weeks until she suddenly decides to write again. Karrots is the friend of Lizelle, my sister-in-law and the godmother of my son. She also went to the same college as Vince. And my really gorgeous phone case is a Karrots Cases. But we've never met! How strange is that!

Anyway, one of the reasons why Karrots is so busy is because she is the brains behind Anthology Shoes. And I just love her new collection with Team Manila. It's so Proudly Pinoy!

Global locals Anthology X Team Manila come together to bring you "AVENIDA"

Anthology, a local brand well-known for their stylish and comfortable shoes, is a must in every Filipino woman's kit. Anthology shoes define one's individuality through quality footwear that are proudly locally manufactured. 

Graphic design giant Team Manila has recently collaborated with Anthology for a nice run of three limited edition Shanghai flats, the Avenida Collection - Avenida Beige, Avenida Black and Avenida Camo. Versatile and oozing with sass, these canvas flats are easy on the eyes as they are on the feet. Happy feet guaranteed, these are perfect for your next weekend stroll or mall-hopping. 

The Avenida Collection is available only at Team Manila stores: Power Plant Mall Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia and TriNoMa for an SRP of only Php1,695.

I want the black pair. Now that I'm a mom--and a very busy mom at that!--I live in flats now. So I can use a new pair of flat comfy style. I'm going to Power Plant on Friday to buy it. I strongly urge y'all to do the same!

P.S. I love the name Avenida. I'm still looking for a name for my own satchels (shop here!). And it's high time I have one because the bag biz is already 2 months old! In fact, my customers (thank you! thank you!) have taken to calling it the Frances Satchel, the Frances Sales satchel, the frannie & vinnie satchel and the Batangas satchel. Obviously, we need a real name soon! I want a name that's very Filipino, too. Any suggestions?


  1. I want my satchel na! Uncle Buck, hurry na, please. Hahaha!

  2. i love anthology and team manila! this collab is perfect :D i'm going to buy the camo! astig!

  3. Non-stop daw yung rain sa Batangas acdg to my mom-in-law. But I do hope that Uncle Buck and our bags are fine. :)

  4. The frannie & vinnie satchel sounds catchy. :)

    I hope you come out with the 14" satchel soon (with modeling pics, perhaps? :P). Oh, and a 13", that'd be the sweet spot. :D

  5. Name? Pinoy Genuine satchels..:)

  6. How about CARTERA? (Spanish word for Satchel) BOLSA is for bag. ISTILO, 100% Gawang Pinoy! Just some suggestions! :)

  7. Em, ya. Kaya na-delay ang delivery kasi grabe daw yung ulan. But the bags are here now! Hooray =)

  8. Thanks for all the bag name suggestions! Maybe I should hold a contest and give away a bag to whoever suggests the name we choose =D

  9. Neighbor, I'm working on a Style Glossy article on fashionable finds with a cause. Are the Anthology/Avenida shoes like Tom's wherein they donate a pair for each one sold (or any charitable angle?) And of course, will put your bags in for sure! <3 Can't wait to catch up with you!


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