Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The winner of the Face Shop GCs worth P3,000 is...

I really read all the entries. I didn't do any randomizer, lottery or whatever method to pick a winner. I just chose the reader who I think would appreciate Face Shop products and a Kim Hyun Joong CD best. Yes, don't forget that there's a Kim Hyun Joong CD! I have no frakkin' idea who that guy is (even though I've seen him in the flesh) but I was made to realize that he is super duper famous. I wanted the winner to be someone who would shriek her head off when she found out she's going to win a Kim Hyun Joong CD, too, ya know? And since Chic & Sassy Mom is a huge fan of all things Korean, then she gets the prize!

Thanks for joining my contest, everybody! Try your luck again this week. I'm giving away prizes on Topaz Mommy and Beauty For A Living next! Personally, I think the prizes for those contests are even better. Watch for it!

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JANUARY 25 UPDATE! By the way, since we're talking about Bench brands, might as well say that Bench is having another major sale TODAY!

Bench is 25 years old today and they're rewarding their loyal patrons with more discounts. If you have a Lifestyle Card, you get an additional 25% discount! But that extra price slash is only for TODAY!

I'm a Lifestyle Card owner (of course!). I collect sooo many points from shopping at Mothercare, Dimensione, Charles & Keith, PCX and Bench. And what do I do with the points? I use it for FREE haircuts for Vince and eyebrow threading for me at Bench Fix Robinsons Galleria!

What do you do with your Bench Lifestyle Card points?


  1. Awwww....I'm super uber happy! Big Thanks! ...Super crazily addicted to everything Korean, promise! Kamsahamnida! ^_^

    Best Regards!

  2. I'll send your prize on Thursday, Des! Congratulations =D


    I don't have a Bench card although it;s really sayang because I love Her Bench and The Face Shop!

    And my last haircut was at Bench Fix pa! Naku!


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