Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shop at Beauty Bar!

Online of course! You all know I'm the laziest shopper in the world. I prefer to do my shopping online. Dresses, bags, shoes, books, gadgets, baby stuff—I buy most everything with ease and comfort from my computer. In fact, if we only had an online supermarket, I'd buy all my groceries that way, too!

Now if you didn't know, Beauty Bar is offering that same fun shopping experience. Actually, they've been doing that for 2 years. I signed up when the beauty boutique went live online in the summer of 2010 but I haven't bought anything there yet. Mostly because I get a lot of beauty products from my job. But now that Beauty Bar is launching a new look, I'm getting really excited!

Clean look and so easy to navigate
For one thing, the site has vastly improved from two years ago. It looks more dynamic now. I love how the front page has these boxes that suggest products based on what you need. My friends at Beauty Bar promise a new and improved look soon. Considering that I already love their current design, I'm curious to see what they have planned.
Beauty Bar's old design
Loving the "Be blemish free!", "Maintain your brows", etc. as a product suggestion guide 

I also love that you don't have to be a member to buy stuff. Sometimes I don't want to be a member—hard to keep track of passwords, ya know. But if you plan to do a lot of shopping at Beauty Bar, then it's best to sign up since it will save you time, you won't have to fill up all the payment and shipping info each time you buy products.

You know what else I like? That I can shop not just brands but also based on my budget range (see left column of photo below).
And it's also great that Beauty Bar's going to partner with more payment channels so that paying can even be more convenient. For example, I love PayPal. Right now, Beauty Bar accepts payments via credit card and GCash (see right column of photo above). If they can get PayPal, too, then that would be awesome!

My Beauty Bar insider says that they will be making it possible for you to order online then pay at the store. This service is for customers who would like to try online shopping but don't have credit cards. It's like guaranteed reservation! Oh, and while you're at Beauty Bar to pay and pick up your stuff, drop by Dashing Diva. It's going to be a WiFi zone soon so you can surf while being pampered. Oh, Beauty Bar, you really know how to spoil your customers!

*photos are screen grabs from Beauty Bar and StyleBible.ph   


  1. Good thing there are also vast range of beauty blogs to help us determine about the pros and cons of the products. Anyway, one thing I love about Beauty Bar is that they're always on the go to answer our inquiries. The website looks inviting. YAY!

  2. I knew that the beauty bar online shop has been around for some time now but I never really bothered shopping there since there is an actual beauty bar shop here in my location. But as I was browsing through the site, they have more displays that aren't available in the store... so tempting!


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