Monday, March 31, 2014

What good have you done today?

Red Ribbon sent my family some of their delicious macaroons last week. Thanks, Red Ribbon! My kids loved the soft, chewy, malinamnam macaroons so much!

So now I'm returning the favor and also giving my readers a chance to sample those yummy macaroons with a fun giveaway!

Okay, this isn't just for fun; it's also for a good cause. Red Ribbon's macaroons are not just good, they're also actually made for a good reason: Whenever you buy a pack of Red Ribbon macaroons, you help Filipino kids get an education! So it's a win-win situation because you get to enjoy these yummy goodies and also help our Pinoy kids go to school. Here's more about it on Red Ribbon's website: Macaroons for a Cause.

That's a great way to do good! Let's always do good, dear readers! What good have you done today? What good did you do last weekend? It can be a big good or a little good—any good is very good!

So here's what Red Ribbon has in store for you if you just tell me what good you've done today:

  • Five of my readers will get free macaroons!
  • One of those lucky five will get to meet the international music star who partnered with Red Ribbon for Macaroons for a Cause!!!

Yup. You get to meet this man.

Okay, since this is a very big deal (guys, you don't get to meet a superstar every day!), there's a lot to do. I'll break them down for you:
  1. Like the Red Ribbon Facebook page.
  2. Like the Topaz Horizon Facebook page.
  3. On Topaz Horizon's FB page, answer this question: "What good have you done recently?"
  4. Tag Red Ribbon and Topaz Horizon.
  5. Use the hashtags #redribbon and #macaroonsforacause.
Kaya naman, diba? Medyo madami but it's not that complicated! Just like Red Ribbon, like me, write something like this on Topaz Horizon's page: "Today, I gave my taxi driver an extra big tip so he'll have a nice Monday. @RedRibbon @TopazHorizon #redribbon #macaroonsforacause" Finished!

Okay, last few important details:
  • I'll announce the winners on Wednesday, April 2. I will contact the winners via their Facebook accounts.
  • The winners will have to claim their prizes in the Ayala Center, Makati, area on the afternoon of April 5, this Saturday. I'll tell you where exactly in my message. Can't say publicly where our Hollywood star will be!
Good luck!!!

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