Saturday, April 05, 2014

Free Taylor Swift concert tickets from SMART and Spinnr!!!

OMG naman!!!

The last time she was here, I had just given birth to Iñigo so I couldn't watch her concert. This time around, she'll be here just when I'm about to give birth to my third baby! I don't think I can go!

Well, I heard the tickets are all sold out anyway so there went my chance. Until I saw this announcement on Facebook today! So now my hopes are up again!

Yes, I'm a fan. Anyone who's read this blog long enough knows I love Taylor Swift! My old rabbit, Galadriel, who passed away in 2009 also loved Taylor. We used to sit together late at night listening to Taylor's songs. Sigh!

There are no details yet, and I will update as soon as I know (SMART sends me press releases since they're a partner of my Topaz Mommy blog), but all I can say for sure now is that following SMART and Spinnr on social media is how you can be one of the 350 lucky Taylor Swift fans!

SMART Facebook page
SMART Twitter
Spinnr Facebook page
Spinnr Twitter

Good luck!!!

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