Thursday, May 08, 2014

Who's a fan of Lagundi?

For as far back as I can remember, I've always had weak lungs. Colds and coughs were par for the course in my life. Asthma attacks were so often, I couldn't imagine a life without being always short of breath on good days and just about to die on bad days. Being confined in the hospital happened every year. I never thought I'd see my 30th birthday, seriously.

But, thank God, things looked up. My husband was a huge help. His dad had asthma, too, but it was well managed and Vince, my boyfriend then, took it upon himself to make me see a proper pulmonologist, get a good maintenance meds regimen, and be healthy so I won't suffer. Well, the last time I was hospitalized for pneumonia was 2010 and I don't remember the last time I had a cough! That's love for you!

I'm very alert to any sign of respiratory illness with my kids. I don't ever want them to experience what I went through. Their pediatrician subscribes to natural healing so the few times my kids had coughs and colds, their doctor gives them saline solution and homeopathic medicine. While I'm not against colds and coughs medicine (the chemical kind), I'm wary to use them on my boys since they still have such little bodies.

So when ASCOF Lagundi invited me to check out their natural cough treatment, I did! Especially since I wanted to meet the brand's endorsers, Carmina Villaroel Legaspi and her twins, Cassandra and Maverick.
Carmina says she's a Naturalista Mom. She likes everything to be natural and she's lista. A natural mom is someone who relies on the pure and good and the natural. Nothing processed, artificial or chemical for her and her family. A lista mom is someone who is alert to her family's needs and she attends to these needs immediately and looks for fast results.

Here's Carmina talking about how her kids love to eat vegetables. She really believes in a healthy diet. Well, looking at her and and her kids and how they're so tall and slim, with their clear skin and thick hair, I can tell that only good food is served at their table!

Her kids Maverick and Cassie talk about how their mom lovingly hovers. They said Carmina calls them at school several times a day, for example, just to check how their day is. Wow. I'm no helicopter mom and neither was my mother so I don't know how that feels, to always be on top of every single thing your kids do.

The event was at Earth Kitchen, White Plains, by the way, and we were served the most organic and leafy lunch I've ever eaten in my life! Some of the event's guests were mommy bloggers (like me) so I found it super cute that their kids were their moms' event photographers.

Anyway, the Legaspi family talked about how they've been users of ASCOF Lagundi forever. They attest to its safety and efficacy. Carmina especially likes the sachets because when her kids have a cough and they're in school, naka-dosage na so there's no danger of her kids spilling the medicine, breaking the bottle or overdosing.

I came away from that ASCOF Lagundi Naturalista Moms lunch thinking about how I should be more picky about the stuff I put into my kids... and myself! While I'm a natural mom when it comes to medicating my kids, I am very lenient with their diet.

If you're like Carmina and want to meet other naturalista moms, like the Natural Moms by ASCOF Facebook page.

To know more about how ASCOF Lagundi's nature-based healing properties means "no cough is too tough," like the new ASCOF Lagundi Facebook page.

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  1. Me me! My siblings and I have asthma! Growing up, my mom would boil fresh lagundi leaves and we had to drink it twice a day everyday with or without an asthma attack! She even planted a tree in our backyard! Haha! Yuck diba?! I hated it! But it cured our asthma. Now, I only have the Ventolin inhaler for emergency. I was able to get off Seretide after years of years of taking it! Thank God kasi ang mahal nya! Haha

    1. Hmm. Must try this Lagundi na talaga. I'm still on Seretide!


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