Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kris Aquino is now a Chow Queen

Love her or hate her, there's one thing everyone can agree on: Kris Aquino is a hardworking woman. Not only does she host TV shows, act on soap operas and movies now and then, shoot for her many endorsements, and be a mom on top of all that!

I'm a multi-hyphenate, too. Okay, not anywhere near Kris Aquino levels (not even close!), but I'm a blogger, a writer, a magazine editor, a wife and a mom. It's not easy juggling all my roles so I can't imagine how Kris does it! Some people have advised me, whether kindly or dismissively, that I should just focus on my most important role: wife and mom. But I like working! So does Kris! At a recent event celebrating her latest role—she's now a franchise owner of Chowking—Kris talked about what drives her to keep working. “I want to be successful for my kids. They keep me going.”

I want to be successful for my kids, too!

Kris continued, “A lot of things happened this year—good and bad—but I see them all as contributors to building my character. I can say that I am really blessed with everything that has come my way so it’s important for me to find ways to celebrate everyday wins.” 

The latest project that came her way is investing in Chowking as a franchisee. “I feel that if you’re going to endorse a brand, it should be something that’s both aspirational and reachable,” said Kris, who started her partnership with Chowking as its endorser of the Chinese-Style Fried Chicken and the Chunky Asado Siopao. She says she loves Chowking so much that she decided she wanted to own a franchise, too. She said, “It’s different if it’s about being a franchisee. One should invest on something they really trust and love. That’s what I felt when I chose to partner with Chowking. Not only do I really love their food, it’s a brand I’ve found that’s comforting and one I trust that can bring me more success.”

Wow, I wish my own little endorsements can become bigger! Heehee. 

Here are photos of Kris at the party introducing her as the latest, and possibly most famous, Chowking franchisee:

At present, Chowking currently has over 400 branches in the Philippines. Kris Aquino's own Chowking store opens this month at Ali Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. 

*photos courtesy of Chowking

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