Friday, March 11, 2016

For SMART Prepaid subscribers: There's BigBytes 50!

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Do I have readers who are on SMART Prepaid? Then I have some good news for you! SMART Prepaid just doubled the data allocation for BigBytes 50!

What's that now?

BigBytes 50 was an offer launched last year where prepaid customers could avail of 350MB open data access + FREE 600 MB iflix, FOX, and Spinnr + 3 days subscription to FOX (via Viewstream). Well, SMART said that BigBytes 50 was so popular, they decided to increase the MB allocation. Yep, SMART Prepaid subscribers can now enjoy 700MB open access + 600 MB YouTube, iflix, and other video sites. 

What's the 50 in the BigBytes 50? That's P50. Yes, for just P50, you can get three days of all that increased data. That's really cheap. Double the data but no increase in price!

Now, I'm a SMART Postpaid subscriber and this offer makes me excited for those on Prepaid subscriptions for the simple reason that it's election season. Yes, I'm manang like that. I'm sure 700MB + 600MB means you can now surf all you want, play online games, spend more time on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and all, but I also think this is an excellent time for everyone to be informed about our candidates. Click on the news sites. Check out what intelligent and credible people are saying about the big issues. Watch videos of candidates' speeches. Be informed! 

This election really scares me. I really hope everyone educates themselves about the issues and the platforms. There's really no excuse—there's school, there's books, there's TV, there's newspapers. If you don't have access to those media, your phone connects you to information. And I am so glad that SMART has this BigBytes 50 offer so that voters can now have access to more sites that can help them make a better decision on election day.

Stuff to remember!
  • BigBytes 50 is for SMART Prepaid subscribers.
  • Data allowance: 700 MB open access, 600MB for video sites
  • It's just P50 for three days' use.
  • Offer is limited! From March 10 - June 10, 2016 only
  • To register, text BIG50 to 9999.
  • Go to to know more about BigBytes 50
  • Check out #SmartBigBytes on Instagram and Twitter to find out what other SMART people think about this fab offer!

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