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Physiogel Calming Relief range launched at Bangkok and I was there!

This post is brought to you by Physiogel Calming Relief.

Hi everyone! I'm really so excited to be one of Physiogel's brand ambassadors for their new skincare line, Calming Relief. The other ambassadors are beauty bloggers Shari Macainag of The Misty Mom, Angela Nepomuceno of Lush Angel, Marj Sia of The Traveling Heels, and lifestyle blogger Jackie Go of Go, Jackie Go!.

L-R: Shari, me, Angela, Marj and Jackie
I know. They're all so young and I'm, like, so old. I think I'm at least 10 years older than these ladies! So a big shout out to Physiogel for getting almost-40 me as a brand ambassador—thank you for recognizing that older women are just as obsessed with skincare!

Anyway, I'm excited for two reasons: First, the Calming Relief products really work! Second, I got to go to Bangkok for the launch! Here's what happened that fun weekend!

Welcome to Bangkok!

It was my first time to Thailand and I loved it. It reminded me so much of Manila if Manila were richer and if the Philippines had never been colonized. I loved how every corner was so clean and oozing with Thai culture. I loved how safe I felt there. The city was both modern and old. I loved that mix!

Physiogel brought in magazine editors and bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines for the launch at The St. Regis. But we all stayed at the beautiful hotel next door, the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. Oh, I just loved it there!

After settling in and an afternoon of exploring the neighborhood, we all had dinner at Spice Market. The food was incredible. And very spicy. Naubo ako sa anghang haha.

Then off to bed for me because I had a really early day and I was going to have another early day the next day!

Launch Day

I started this day with Geolette Esguerra, Executive Editor of Metro Magazine. She and I walked a couple of blocks away to Lumpini Park—this huge park with man-made lakes. We watched the sun rise there and then we jogged and participated in a hilarious Zumba class. There were other fitness classes, and exercise machines, playgrounds.

After our healthy morning, Geolette and I headed back to our hotel to rest and prepare for the main event: the international launch of Physiogel Calming Relief.

I really like this big photo wall at the hall outside the venue. It's perfect for taking photos of all the guests.
Magazine editors: Preview's Belle Rodolfo, Mega's Trina Epilepsia, me from BABY Magazine,
and Metro's Geolette Esguerra

Plus, it's a fabulous idea to have several vignettes of the product line placed throughout the length of that photo wall. Lots of people can take photos of the products which are already styled. That means no need to wait forever for others to finish Instagramming and not everyone will have the same photo. Yey!

The program's host was Ning Saraichatt, Thai TV host, emcee and blogger. She's a really good host—able to switch between Thai and English, ask intelligent questions from the panelists, and be fun and entertaining, too.

This is Dr. Peter Blenkiron, Senior Director for Skin Health Category Research & Development of GSK Consumer Healthcare. He told us how Physiogel works: Basically, it mimics the skin structure. They have a term for this: BioMimic Technology formula. This formula contains an advanced complex of essential lipids that are similar—if not the exact!—to the ones found naturally in our skin.

So if our skin is damaged by the weather, the sun, pollution, bacteria, and allergens, Physiogel's BioMimic Technology will replace those lipids, repair skin, strengthen the barrier, and protect it from future damage.

It's so amazing!

Next we had a talk show, with Ning Saraichatt acting as the talk show host. The panel was composed of Dr. Peter, dermatologist Dr. Poohglin Tresukosol (Assistant Director of Medical Service, Dip. Board Dermatologist, Chief of Contact and Occupational Dermatitis Clinic, Institute of Dermatology), and the regional brand ambassador, blogger Melissa Koh from Singapore.

The skin experts talked more about ways to take care of the skin, especially sensitive skin. Melissa, meanwhile, talked about how Physiogel Calming Relief helped protect her skin from the harsh winter of New York when she was there for New York Fashion Week.

After the talk show, Carol Lin showed us the best way to use the Calming Relief range, like how much to use, how to massage it into the skin, stuff like that. Really interesting moves I'm trying to incorporate into my skincare regimen, especially the gentle massage. So far, I haven't been successful since I rush through my face rituals. Moms don't have the time, you know!

Anyway, after the event, each country's delegation got to interview Dr. Peter, Dr. Poohglin, Melissa, and Maulani Affandi, the Marketing Director of Skin health at GSK Consumer Healthcare.

After our interview, we all had a makeover!

Our makeup was removed using Physiogel Calming Relief Cleanser and I was impressed at how clean my face was. No washing! Just wiped off! Then the Physiogel Calming Relief Cream was applied, prepping my skin for makeup application.
Me and my makeup artist. He did a great job!

I loved how the cream was so moisturizing and yet my makeup didn't slide around. Plus, I didn't become oily at all! In fact, I didn't take off my makeup till late at night and it stayed put till bedtime. Look!
No redness.
No inflammation.
No dryness and no flakiness.

I really really really love Physiogel Calming Relief range! Thank you so much, Physiogel, for asking me to try your new product, for making me brand ambassador, and for the fun launch at Bangkok!

I'll tell you more about the science of skincare and how Physiogel helps our skin be stronger in my next post about this skincare line. That's where I'll also show you how my skin changed after 14 days of using Physiogel face Calming Relief cream. Watch for it! You'll be amazed!

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  1. I need this,My face is always having redness and it peels,Especially in my eyebrow area and nose.


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