Saturday, January 21, 2017

See you at the Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Re-Treat!

I'm so excited to be finally attending the Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Re-Treat! This is a recurring event created by Mommy Mundo for a mommy to retreat from the chaos of family life and just spend a few hours in a quiet space with other moms, and most importantly, with herself. 

That's me! I need time to be with me. But I also need time to be with other moms. But I also need that time to be spent meaningfully. That's why I've always wanted to attend the Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Re-Treat. There have been four retreats already and I'm glad I'm finally attending the first oen for 2017.

Come with me! It's on January 28, Saturday. That's exactly one week from now! It will be at Earth Kitchen, BGC.

We'll spend half the day refreshing, re-energizing, and re-centering ourselves. There will be activities that will help us gain a more insightful knowledge of who we are and what we do and of our many roles. We'll be able to identify the things we value the most—aside from our families!—and the factors that hinder us from achieving our dreams. These activities will be facilitated by Michele S. Alignay, MA, a Registered Family Psychologist and a mom of two. By the end of the session, we'd be equipped with tools to become more focused on tasks, be more conscious of our goals, which will help us become a more mindful person and a more intentional parent.

Come join me, fellow working mamas! Register here. See you next Saturday! 

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