Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday girl

I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago. Vince gave me little presents the entire week. Threw a party for my family the following Saturday. Then all became quiet. I've always made a lot of noise when I turn a year older, but this year I felt melancholy. No, the age doesn't bother me, it's the aging of my body that does. This year, I got the flu, got rushed to the hospital for severe asthma, felt the return of the acute and chronic migraines, got hyperacidity, constipation and a host of other gastrointestinal disorders, and cellulite finally appeared all over my body.

I am getting old. The other day, at the doctor's clinic for yet another check-up, I got all teary-eyed. Why is my body betraying me? I was angry, I felt I was too young to be a regular at doctors' offices. And yet I did realize quickly enough that with all the abuse I heap on my body--late nights, high stress, fatty food, all-meat diet--it's amazing my body is still this strong. I mean, I've never looked this good and felt this good in my life. When I was a kid, I always thought I would die pretty soon (asthma). Now, despite all my sickly concerns stated above, this is ironically the healthiest I've been. It's just that some parts of me had begun to break down, with age.

So my prayers now include my health, Vince's health, my family and friends' health. All health. And their safety. Ha, now that's being old!

* * * * * * *

For remembering my birthday, many thanks to my family, Aida B., Audrey Z., Flores family, Weng G., Reza S., AJ D.L., Kris G., Mommy D, Lana C., Kristine B., Celeste B., Danio C., Lizelle I., J S., Daddy Mon, Gemma M., Chris M., Ruby G., Pia R., Joanna F., Joanna T., Nichole R., Fartattu C., Katrina T., Dennis V., Maiza M., Ampy C., Kate T., Mariel C., Rafela S., Happy D., Xeng Z., Carla C., Luis E., Lou A., Bea V., Zerline C., Myra G., Ingrid V., Marcie L., Coni T., Leslie L., Mia N. ... God bless you all!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and sorry its a late greeting! I tagged you ok...check my latest post. CHeers! mwah@

  2. belated happy birthday, ms frances! :D

  3. Thanks, Monica and TwistedHalo!


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