Sunday, August 17, 2008

I may not be a fan of Gossip Girl but this is an atrocity!

Found out from PEP and BB that a new show is about to premiere this weekend. It's based on the phenomenal and influential CW series, Gossip Girl.

I'm not a fan of Gossip Girl simply because I find it utterly ridiculous. But my friends and my staff and a lot of OK! readers love it. My boss even ordered me to watch it ("It's your job!"). I do see the fashion influence everywhere. Darlings, even I'm doing the Blair Waldorf look recently--the headbands, the knee-length skirts, the preppy colorful outfits. Ah, I can't escape it! So I totally understand why TV5 is doing a local version. GG is hot hot hot.

(Warning: This is really bad. If you're a Gossip Girl fan, then you really don't want to see this. If you don't want your day ruined, just skip this post. I have other nice posts in this blog. But this is so bad, I have to just put it out there... for world condemnation.)

Behold Lipgloss, the Filipino version of Gossip Girl!

The premise is, as with GG, these kids are frikkin' rich and they all study in an exclusive private high school and their lives are chronicled in the "most fabulous online community for the younger generation." Tee hee, who writes this crap? Anyway, so they're rich. But the minute the cast opened their mouths, you know that ain't the case, sweetheart! "Ob cors, I wanna be a rich kid and guess what? I am! My fudder win in da American lottery... kaya nga I'm from rugs-to-riches story, eh!" WTF? Can't they at least get some diction training together with their obviously not effective acting lessons? Oh, and GG is such a fashionista show. Based on that video, Lipgloss is not going to strike any sartorial thunderbolts. Ever.

What a sad sad day for Filipino TV this is. My Creative Writing professor once professed, "There is nothing new under the sun. There are only new ways of telling old stories." So if we must copy something, can't we do it well? Or better??

Wait, are they really going to copy Gossip Girl? GG is so sexual, it shouldn't even be classified as a show for teens. And then they're going to take that concept here??? In this country where The Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Act of 2007 is being enthusiastically pushed by some of the dirtiest people in the world--Pinoy politicians (oh, the irony kills me)???

I don't really like Pinoy TV. It's a farce. What's farce? Something so tragic, it's funny. That's why I watch it--to laugh my head off silly. Seriously, I support Pinoy TV. Support! Support! So I was very pleasantly surprised with the Philippine franchise of one of my favorite shows, Project Runway. The local edition is actually good. And I was so happy that Pinoy TV is finally catching up. Then Lipgloss comes along and my dismay returned with a vengeance.

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  1. OMG! This is soooo bad! But then again, I'm not surprised. With the popularity of Gossip Girl, I kinda expected they're gonna come out with a local version. I expected it to be bad, but this is the worst. What are these writers thinking? If they're gonna localize a great show, at least give it some justice! :P

  2. I never watch Gossip Girl too, but my GF does. She loves the story and she just hates the fact that there is already a local copy in the guise of the TV 5 shw, Lip Gloss.

  3. I agree! If you must copy, at least make it worth the effort. I say the same thing about Filipino cinema, too! It's atrocious how blatantly we "steal" from Hollywood; the least we could do is make versions that kick ass.

    What a big case of sad. =(

  4. the trailer is absolutely painful to watch!

    did TV5 honestly think na because Gossip Girl was such a hit na we'd lap up a local version? Hello?!?!

  5. Lally, you work in TV. Your shows weren't bad. Please explain why this one is! =(

    Hi 4ever7, let me join you in consoling your girlfriend. I think it's even worse for GG lovers.

    Chin, that's true! Even Pinoy movies, we copy from Hollywood. I can't think of any right now but I do remember shouting at TV Pinoy movie trailers, "Holy shit, that's a rip off!"

    Hey sippinslow, I know. Did you actually watch the entire thing? I did... after 2 attempts. The first few times, my hair stood on end for all the wrong reasons.

  6. Well, to be fair, si "ob kors" girl, i think, is really supposed to sound the way she does.

    I wasn't quite convinced when I first heard about GG myself. But I watched it and it grew on me. Although, the plot has gotten downright atrocious. Judging from last season's final episode, looks like they're going to be switching partners. Not cool. Hay, ewan ko ba.

  7. Ya, you're right, Ro. She's a "rugs-to-riches" girl so she should be forgiven for talking jologs... Then again, her dad was in the US when he won that lottery so I assume they were living in the US, so she ought to be speaking maybe Valley Girl, the speech that's littered with "you know" and "like" and "totally."

    Ah, sige na nga, let's give them a chance. After all, their market won't know the diff. I used to think all rich people were like those portrayed in our telenovelas until I met real rich people. Grabe, how different!

  8. I wish I could explain as to why oh why did they come up with this show.

    I was watching TV 5 yesterday and to my horror, Lipgloss wasn't the only show they copied from a US TV series. They're also coming up with Hush Hush (or something like that) which is an Entourage rip off. Shows like these makes me feel sad that local TV has come to this level. =(

  9. Oh my... Oh well! Dali, Lally, rescue local TV!!!


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