Sunday, March 22, 2009

We need a vacation. Fast.

While I do devote this blog to all the silly and shallow aspects of my life, believe me, dear readers, it's not been all sunshine.

Some of you may know our family just suffered the loss of my mother and I try not to bombard you with how the rest of the family's been dealing with the grief. I will tell you that some who still can't accept this have begun entertaining really crazy thoughts in their grief-stricken heads. I would like to report that Papa, my younger brother, my sister and I are doing well, but troubles in the family in the wake of a truly terrible loss is like rubbing salt in a wound we already know will never heal.

On the job front, the global recession has finally hit us. The magazine industry is rooted on luxury; after all, when the household budget becomes tight, magazines are the first items people will do without. So it's been a nightmare of lay-offs at work and constant worry that we might be next. My husband's baby, T3 Philippines, will have its last issue this April. Vince is heartbroken and has been so since the devastating announcement in January, and that's all I will say about it. He will now be in charge of the lucrative special publications department and oversee the new gadget website. Since he's handling two jobs, he was given a hefty raise, but not all the money in the world can heal the ache in my husband's heart.

Despite all these, Vince and I still find it easy to laugh. We have each other, after all. The world can fall away and as long as I can still stare into my husband's eyes, then nothing can destroy me. I know he feels this way, too.

But though Vince and I are happy to have each other, we've also been thinking of running off to somewhere far far away to just hide and heal. France is an attractive option and we can stay at my old friend Aida's home at Antibes. New York is also appealing since airfare has dropped from USD 1,400 to just USD 900. We just don't know where to stay and what to do! The West Coast is familiar ground to Vince--he's always said we'd have a wine picnic in Napa Valley, have fun in Disneyland, go see the seals at Monterey Bay, check in at a San Diego hotel and see more animals at the famous zoo. Or we can stay close to home and go to Palawan. Club Noah Isabelle resort calls to us each day.

Oh, to just curl up in a strange place with no one we know for miles around! Meet new people, explore new cultures, have new adventures and just forget and forgive and replenish our weary souls.


  1. Oh dear. It's definitely time for a vacation. Come visit me in NYC!

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear about your husbands loss and I hope he can find another fulfilling road ahead (career wise that is).

  3. Before kid(s), vacation is the only thing we live for. Go ahead, book that flight, break that routine and find new memories.

    Good luck!

  4. Hi Ms. Frances,

    I cried on my way to work last week when Summit subscription called me to tell the sad news, this time about 17. I grew up reading it, I will miss it whenever I'll pick up my copy of Cosmo on my doorstep. Really sad to know that two great mags closed down due to this recession.

  5. Well, I'm glad the whole waiting to find out where Vince going is settled and doubly glad to know he got a raise since he's now handling two very important departments.

    Go on a vacation na! :)

  6. Palawan is great, Coco (my husband) and Grace (my sissy) is going there this weekend. :D

  7. NY has a special place in my heart, but that's coz some of my most favorite people in the world are there. France is always a good idea.:)

    It really doesn't matter where you go, does it? As long as you're with Vince, at least.:)

  8. WendyB, when I do visit NYC (and I will one day!), I'll make sure to visit you and buy a piece from your exquisite line!

    Bucca, thanks! But things are looking up! Watch this space for happy updates!

    Mich, oh dear, that's why I just can't have kids!!!

    Apple, I'll tell the Seventeen girls =) Don't worry, we still have a lot of mags to read!

    Ro, he may have gotten a raise but for all the new stress, it's not hefty enough!!!

    Michico, ya, Palawan sounds like a great idea, no? Hmmm... How was the trip?

    Tisha, NYC and Paris are looking more attractive. My friend in France says Paris (and NYC) is a lot cheaper than London so if I survived London, Paris and NYC is a piece of cake!


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