Monday, September 28, 2009

Manila after the typhoon

This is what Typhoon Ondoy did to Luzon: 140 dead and scores more missing, with millions of pesos worth of property destroyed.
Well, the country has been galvanized into action! In the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy, everywhere there is tragedy but everywhere, too, there is the amazing spirit of the Filipino people! People are emptying store shelves and their own closets to donate to the needy. People are flocking to relief centers packing and distributing goods. Millions of pesos are currently being raised by telethons. Dollars are pouring in, too, thanks to the efforts of our overseas Filipino workers and by Hollywood stars, too! Our own celebrities, too, have been quite the hero ( has the story)!

Here are more photos:

The little children. They're the heartbreaking part. And yet, look at them. So adorable and so calm in the face of it all. Look at that last photo--the girl in the hoodie is so cute! Please send more food and medicines, especially for diarrhea--we wouldn't want these lovely healthy children to look like they downed a bottle of Fastin diet pills! Let's help them out--food, medicines, blankets, clothes and disinfectant needed!
Poor animals. They're victims, too. PARC Animal Shelter in Marikina is accepting lost pets. PAWS, too (contact Nita Lichauco 724-1986 to help/donate pet food/adopt).
The rescue! There's this story of a man on a rescue boat who suddenly asked, "Sept 28 na ba ngayon?" ["Is it already Sept 28?"] and when the rescuers replied yes, he sadly said, "Birthday ko na pala." ["Oh, it's my birthday."] The rescuers who were paddling looked at him in surprise then they all loudly sang him the birthday song! Oh God, I love my country. Thank you for making me a Filipino!
I'd also like us to keep praying for our fellow Filipinos, especially for those who lost their loved ones. May they find comfort in the kindness of strangers. Let us also remember those who gave their lives to save others. They are heroes, and if you're helping out in any way at all--and I know there are hundreds of you helping!--you're my hero, too.

I hope my readers are safe and warm and dry. I know most of you live in Manila (yes, I check out your blogs, too, and Sitemeter says so) and because my blog's hits went down drastically since the storm hit, I worry that you've been swept away, are homeless or shivering somewhere in the cold. My heart is broken for you because last weekend, I also was frantic with worry when I couldn't reach my family and friends in Antipolo and Cainta. Now, despite losing their homes, they are alive and safe--I almost fainted with relief. Please know that I have you in my prayers and even though we only know each other through cyberspace, you are my friends and I think of you all the time. God bless you.

*photos from Tanya Escaler's Facebook album. More photos from Time here.


  1. Oh it's so awful I will remember you all in my prayers

  2. muntik ako maiyak sa "happy birthday" story :(

    one dog of ours was a casualty in the typhoon. :( but the other three were safe with my family.

  3. yep..
    i agree with you

    i am proud to be a filipino!

    even though we are already in the midst of crisis we still get to smile & look forward to tomorrow. your story about the man who celebrated his birthday yesterday (sept 28) made me teary-eyed as i am reading it.

    i am planning to take a break from blogging up until at least our country has 'stabilized'. i don't wanna continue posting beauty products when half or even more than that are grieving with the losses of the typhoon ondoy.

  4. i have a big lump in my throat after reading that entry. i'm proud to be a filipino too!

  5. It's amazing how we Filipinos can find hope, sometimes even humor, in the face of tragedy. Makes me so proud.
    Nice pictures, by the way. Did you take them? Prolific writer and photographer as well?

  6. Thanks, Bucca!!!

    Cris, so sorry about your dog =(

    Thiamere, ya, I can't post on my beauty blog either. =(

    Ida, I know! Kay sarap pala maging Pilipino moment na naman, diba?

    Mental, I placed the photo credits at the end of the post. The pics aren't mine! I'm an awful photographer!

  7. Thank you! The girl with her dog is my wife now. It may be late to thank you but we really appreciate your part. Now that we found this picture again, the bad memories are just history to be kept aside...there's always a new day for us!


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