Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun makeovers! and have this really fun Instant Makeover that I've been dying to play with but I never could find a good enough pic--my hair pulled back and with me facing front and center. But while I was cleaning up my work files, I found an old photo of me, from 2006, when I still had braces. Hooray! Let the makeovers begin!

I had such a fun time going through so many hairstyles and I'm sure you all (whether you have hair or not! And if you're currently using a hair loss treatment, this is a much funner activity) will like to try it out, too! Anyway, here are the ones that actually looked okay:

Taylor Swift

Christina Hendricks

Nicole Richie

I think I like Nicole Richie's look best. Okay, time to grow my hair again and look bohemian!

Fun, fun, fun! Try it out!


  1. interesting blog with lots of fashion finds. got here from sexynomad. anyway, i linked u up sis, hope you can do the same. thanks.

  2. frances, bagay sayo blonde :)

  3. yes! yes! The Nicole Richie look is the best, haha! :D

  4. Frances! Gusto ko rin yung Nicole Richie! Go! :)

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  6. haha...
    i think you rocked the nicole ritchie look!

    i ought to try this one too.

    have a great week,hun!

  7. BWAH!!! Love!

    The braces are the perfect finishing touch for any 'do.

  8. Agree! Agree! You rock Nicole the best =)


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