Thursday, March 18, 2010

Want to go to New York City?

Just read today that in the United States, nurses earn more than doctors. I have a few friends who are nurses, most of them are in the U.S. already earning gazillions. The ones who are left here are all dreaming of working in the land of milk and honey, too.

There's a ton of nursing schools here in the Philippines--from state universities to a few floors in a crappy building. No surprise there since a lot of Filipinos are aiming to be nurses in another land. I wonder if all these nursing schools--especially the ones that look dubious--are actually good. When I was looking at online writing degrees, I found that you can actually study nursing online, too. Imagine that! I wonder if an online nursing degree from an American online university is better than a Filipino school which has the advantage of practical application of the stuff you learn in the classroom. I think the latter should be better but then again you can't beat a crisp diploma with a shiny American seal on it, right?   

When I was in high school, I asked my Papa what he thinks if I become a nurse. That way, I not only get to help people in need, I can get tons of money at the same time. Papa said he doesn't want me to be a nurse, no matter what. "Nurses just sleep with doctors," he barked. Don't worry--he said the same thing about stewardesses ("They sleep with pilots!"), secretaries ("They sleep with their bosses!") and a host of other professions. Papa just wanted me to be a housewife so I end up sleeping with just my husband. But I became a writer and guess what? I sleep with a writer! My Papa's so wise.

Speaking of writers, are you one? Because if nursing is something you just can't do but writing for a magazine is a dream, then grab the March issue of Cosmopolitan now! Cosmo, together with Pond's, has an exciting contest: Search for the Next Cosmo Intern! Three very lucky people get the chance of a lifetime to work in the biggest women's title in the world! It's not as easy nor as glamorous as you think, folks. Magazine interns are slaves but if you work really hard and do really well, the world that opens up to you is nothing short of amazing. Oh, and the grand prize? The winning intern gets a free trip to New York City!!! He or she will get to meet the editors of Cosmo U.S. and get to see how the magazine is put together.

Sigh. Even I'm tempted except, of course, I can't join. For one, I'm too old to join and I'm already an editor-in-chief of a celebrity title! But I used to want to work for Cosmo. It was my Mama's Cosmo that she allowed me to read when I was 13 that made me want to join the magazine industry. So naturally I wanted to work for Cosmo. But things worked out better for me since I love OK! magazine super!


  1. --> Papa just wanted me to be a housewife so I end up sleeping with just my husband.

    LOL. I had to stifle a big laugh because all the folks are already sleeping. :)

  2. Sigh... wish they had this contest when we just got out of college! ;)

    How are you Fran? We're moving back to Pioneer this April. See you around.

  3. Your Papa is funny! :)

    Is this gonna be like "Running in Heels"? :D Pasok pa ako sa 19-30 y/o hehe. :)

  4. Your Papa is so funny! I looked silly in the office smiling really big. LOL. =P

    Nice contest, BTW. I wish I'm still a fresh grad so I can join. Happy Thursday!

  5. I used to dream about being a fashion magazine writer because I never had the patience to write about corruption, crime and all that bad stuff the news is made of. Ended up working in TV but always wondered what it would have been like had I worked in a magazine. If it's anything like Devil Wears Prada, I may have to pass. ;)

  6. i love cosmo! but i can't apply, as if naman they'll accept me..preggers ako haha :))

  7. Thanks for promoting the project, Neighbor! Gosh, I'm still dilly-dallying on my blogging :p

    Jill, you can still join, the promo is open to women ages 19 to 30, regardless of your educational background :)

  8. natawa naman ako sa sinabi niya about secretaries kasi secretary ako! :)

    anyway, i had the chance to work as intern at summit publishing back in college.. sa yes magazine dapat ako maa-assign.. i even saw ms. myrza sison, then eic of cosmo, na-starstruck ako! hehe pero di ko na tinuloy.. sayang.. :(

    - Nhe

  9. wise, your papa is. ;)

    wow, galing ng cosmo gimmick! the stuff bright-eyed, new grads dream of!

    ei, can you also link my other blog kinda concentrating on it these days. thanks!

  10. i covet the editors of beauty mags that's why i ventured into beauty blogging.

    hopefully I'll be doing this job in the future! :)

    And btw, i'm a theatre actress. guess what? i sleep with a theatre actor (though he's not my husband yet) :)


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