Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My fake past rears up its ugly head again

You know how your parents always told you that you have to be careful with the decisions you make in your life because one small mistake can haunt you forever? Then how do you deal with stuff that you didn't do, were careful not to do and still it bites you in the ass?

If you've been reading this blog long enough, then you know that some nasty people in my high school had spread lies about me long long ago (if you just stumbled here, here are the back stories: "On real and made-up reputations" and "Misunderstood"). If you had known me then and if you know me now, you'd know those rumors were beyond ridiculous. That's why I never go to our high school reunions. I don't see the point of seeing useless and malicious people again.

Well, a long-lost guy classmate emailed me last night that at a recent mini-reunion, apparently I became the subject of conversation. Apparently, they discussed how I'm pregnant... again! Like, they don't even know how many pregnancies I've had. Well! Just to clear things up, this is my very very first pregnancy and because of my endometriosis, I never even thought I could become pregnant so if any of you hear that this is my nth pregnancy, please laugh your head off.

I wish I could laugh my head off. I used to be able to. But now that I'm going to have a kid, I don't want some stranger telling him that his mom had many pregnancies or had a wild past. It's okay if it were true but since it isn't, it's just cruel.


  1. Those people... hindi nila naiisip na pwedeng mangyari yan sa mga anak nila no. before I do something, I step back and think, "Wait, is this something that I want somebody to do to my kid (kahit wala pa akong anak) or brothers? How would I feel? What would they feel?"

    Some people, they have a lot of spare time on their hands. And a lot of meanness, too.

  2. those people are so mean! dapat sa kanila ipalethal injection!

    don't mind them frances, ma-stress ka lang! Inggit lang sila!

  3. ano ba naman yan. grabe can't believe na may mga taong ganyan. if they don't have any nice things to say diba, just don't say anything. bakit kaya gustong-gusto ng mga tao pag-usapan ang buhay ng ibang tao no? weird, ang sarap sabihan ng "get a life people!!" hahaha :D

    frances! i gave birth na! hahaha :D don't stress over that noh, it's not worth it. baka mapano pa kayo ni jellybean. keep safe always.

  4. It's funny Frances how people can't move on with their lives? Well who cares if you have gazillion kids? As long as YOU and your hubby and the rest of your family are there with you on your first pregnancy! The hell with the rest! Umiinit ulo ko girl! hahaha *P.S. Bihira lang yan*

  5. I don't understand why people do that. As if they gain something from it.

    Hope you feel better, F! *hug*

  6. Rachel, haaaaaay, sinabi mo! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So siguro kaya nila ako pinag-uusapan kasi wish lang nila na pag-usuapan din sila. Kais di sila interesting enough para pag-usapan!!! =P

    Elsa, wag naman... Really bad case of LBM lang!

    Chuboink!!! Andyan na si Nathalie!!!

    Askmewhats, don't get mad na =) I know. They're so... high school. Got stuck there! Ahahaha!

    Teeyah, I think what they gain from it is the ugly pleasure of tearing down other people to make themselves look good in their own eyes. Sad. I feel better na! =)

  7. I can pretty relate to what you wrote Frances. But in my case, I was being tongue lashed by a girl who thinks she's like God. Of course, it is indeed hurtful and cruel but then one thing keeps me strong:

    Most of what's being said about you by other people doesn't really say about who you are. It says more about who THEY are--unconsciously.

  8. annoying bitches!
    ugh!!! i think that people who love to talk about other people live VERRRRRRY boooooooooooooooring lives.

  9. P.S. I, of course, would tell the guy, "Yeah, I was pregnant by your father and of course I had an abortion. Go spread that rumor around!"

  10. People talk a lot of don't have to see these people, thank God. You have a good life, a good job, a good husband and now you're having a child. You have to just try to tune these people out but at least you can see that they're objectively not inhibiting you or affecting your life in anyway, except for the fact that they help you shun bad company.

  11. Mader, deadma ka nalang. You have so much to look forward to. Hindi maganda ang stress kay little boy :)

  12. Sabi nga sa Glee, if you really believe in yourself, you don't have to pull down other people. So clearly, these people from your HS are insecure or plain inggitera. Cheer up, Frances, don't mind them. You have a beautiful happy life that they can ONLY DREAM of. =)

  13. Ms. Frances, I think your HS classmates are just super-"inggit" 'cos you are maybe far, far successful than them combined. Ang mga ganyang tao, walang nararating.

  14. When i was in highschool i really felt the same way (even college and law school).. that I wished that someone, somewhere in the world understood how i feel... it was you all along. rumors about me circulated, too, that i considered transferring. i fret the same things would surface out once i have child. i don't care about me.. it's really what my children would think of me that i'm scared of..

    haii.. i just wish my some part of my past remain where it should be, the past.

    i admire you though for keeping it strong... :)

  15. Glaiza, Crickette, Hypermom... AMEN!

    WendyB, you're so funny! But sarcasm, sadly, is alien to Filipinos. If I say that, I am sure he'll spread that around!!!

    NeuroChiq, McLaren, you're right. What gets me is high school is like a gazillion years ago. I had to be reminded about who these people were ("Who's that again? What did she look like?"). So it's kinda weird that they haven't moved on. Sad.

    Shen, but that's the thing--that isn't your past! It's just something that evil people created. It's not true!

  16. Aren't they supposed to be adults now? I can't believe they never grew out of high school!

    Some people just have small minds and small lives.

  17. I was also a victim of ugly rumors made by malicious people. I actually found out that a heterosexual guy started it. Parang locker room talk and he exaggerated things. Males can be vicious gossips. Don't worry about your child finding out bad things about you from other people. I can tell you're a nurturing person and I know someday your child won't think anything that bad can possibly be true about his mom.


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