Thursday, June 17, 2010

Public service announcement and a stern word from me

Our company's looking to hire a lot of people so if you're job-hunting, click on Jobstreet's list of available jobs in Summit Media.

As you can tell from the list, OK! magazine is currently not hiring. So please do not send me your CVs. I've been getting application letters recently and while I wish you the best of luck, I really have nothing to offer. But the other magazines need help and so do some of our websites so go go go!

The OK! staff is always happy! Is it because I'm wonderful? No. It's because they are!

Another thing I'd like to say is please do not tell me you want to work with me because you've been reading my blog and think I'm such a nice person and you'd love to work for a nice boss. First, I am not flattered because this blog just presents an aspect of me which I choose to show you. That means I try not to show the mean and nasty me! Second, how do you know I'm a nice boss anyway? You'd be surprised! An intern has called me "dragon lady" and even Daphne Osena Paez joked, "Miranda P, is that you?" But so no one gets surprised, let me offer you a peek into how I am as a manager.

Remember when I was looking for a fashion and beauty editor? I talked a bit about employment screening there. I will nitpick everything--from your cover letter to your resume and sample work. If I so much as find a spelling error, a grammatical mistake, an awkward adjective or a profusion of adverbs, your CV goes straight into the trash. No, I will not even think of meeting you. Why? This is a magazine--it's an industry based on the written word so if you do not know how to write then you have no place here (unless of course you're applying for a styling or art position!).

If the writing is okay, then I go ask for a little chat. I'm very businesslike when I'm working. And once you do get hired, I always tell my new staff, "You're here to work, not to make friends, not to have fun. It's called work for a reason. If in the course of your stay here you do have fun and you do find friends, then that is fantastic. But the bottom line is meet your deadlines and do a good job. If you can't do that, you can go." This unnerves people most of the time, especially since I have a teeny tiny voice and a big smile. I look so harmless!

I have a reputation for making people cry. I have been known to rip up drafts of articles I find stupid and ridiculous or lazily done. I am very difficult to please. I have raised my voice quite a number of times. I have a quick temper. I have very little patience. Now, can you imagine working with me day in and day out? Terrible, isn't it.

And yet I know my current staff are devoted to me and their work. I know they're having fun. And ask them if I'm a good boss and I know they'll say I am. But that's because they are amazing. They are even better than me, to be honest. Because a good manager hires people who are spectacular! Because I work with a fantastic team, I am a very good boss to them. So if you think you're just as special as my incredible staff and you have something fabulous to offer the magazine industry, then we can work together!

Except that... ooops, OK! isn't currently hiring!


  1. Whoa! That probably scared off Vince too. hahaha ;) Jelly Bean says keep your cool, mom! Take care :)

  2. Hi Frances! I was laughing while reading your post teehee! I bet applicants will be scared by now... :)

  3. Jenny, nah, Vince is exactly the same. Worse even! Haha. When it comes to work, I'm scared of him actually!

    Llyresh, ya, need to scare them off. A lot of them think that magazines are just fun and glam and partying. Can't have that!

  4. I throw chairs and dismember computers. But I love the nasty email the most.

    Pero bagong buhay na ako ngayon. :) Peace and love.

  5. Alam mo ba, I applied for one of the editorial positions. Tapos, I got this e-mail encouraging me to apply for a marketing position. Gusto ko sanang awayin, "Hello, nakita mo naman yong CV ko no! Puro writing jobs yan! I don't know a flying fig about marketing!" Pero syempre I said it nicely. hahaha! I miss Summit, would love, love to go back there, pero I think I owe it naman to myself to give this city a shot.

  6. I prefer a boss with bite than someone I can boss around (because I tend to be proactive (hehe) and assertive). As a boss (I only have two people though), I am very nitpicky, too!

    And so cool you and Vince are alike even with work! :)

    Can't wait to have tea session with ya!

  7. It's also about managing expectations. Bet people are surprised why we're so demanding, for work that from the outside seems 'shallow.'

    Anyhow, shucks, Neighbor, now it's my turn to apply in places where they're not hiring, and making them see why they should hire me nevertheless. Please wish me luck and positive vibes!

  8. Just read this! Frances!! People actually write to you looking for work because of your blog??? Ahahahaha that's so funny! And so hassle! Takes the fun out of blogging hahahaha


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