Saturday, August 07, 2010

Robin proposes marriage to Mariel!!!

OMG. This completely took me by surprise, folks! Like I said in my Myra E post, I've started watching local TV since I went on maternity leave last Monday. Anyway, last I knew, Mariel Rodriguez was dating Zanjoe something so there I was waiting for Mariel's interview of Robin Padilla and then the diamonds started blinding me and then the way he looked at her started confusing me and then he said he loves her and wants to marry her!

I totally shrieked and gasped... and then said, "Why on earth does she keep saying, 'Thank you'?" Because he declared his love oh so publicly, that he asked for her hand in marriage or because that blinder costs P1.2 million??? What's with the gratitude?

Then again, proposals are a strange thing. Gee, when Vince presented me with a diamond solitaire, I... don't remember what happened really. Next thing I knew we were hugging so I assumed I said yes hahahaha.

Back to the issue. Well, when Mariel accused Robin with "You're doing that Robin Padilla thing again!", I totally got what she was saying. That guy, the look he gave her, like she's the only one in the world that matters, that's just... what girl can resist? I literally watched her dissolve into a puddle... on national TV no less!

So are they engaged??? He said she hasn't said yes but then she told him to put that ring on her finger (on live TV!!!) and that could only mean one thing, right?

Celebs are so weird!


  1. Haha! I was watching them on Pilipinas Win na Win earlier but missed them on E-Live. I didn't know about the ring, but there's been talk about courtship and marriage between the two since Robin hosted Wowowee several weeks ago. They're cute, for lack of a better term. :)

    I don't know if it's serious, or if it's all a publicity stunt. But whatever makes them happy right?

  2. i saw the interview too and for some reason i find it too weird and "scripted". i was also wondering how come mariel kept on saying thank you hehe di ako kinilig at all :P i dont know why...

  3. Gosh, para siyang publicity stunt!!! I mean, really, bakit on live TV pa???

  4. It looks like a publicity stunt to me.

  5. Maybe they have an upcoming movie or another show together? haha..Mariel's reaction's weird. Maybe she's not ready? and yes, for some reason, di rin ako kinilig?!?!?

  6. It's so funny, they way you wrote about it. Celebs have their quirks, and yes, what woman wouldn't want a 1.2 M ring on their finger, aber? :-p Good morning!

  7. Knowing Robin, he would use any girl in showbiz by courting them just to give his showbiz career a boost. Just like what he did with Sharon Cuneta, Vina, etc. He knows how to fool the ladies with his charm. What is 1.2M worth of investment, if he's given back showbiz projects that pays him 25M and more? Mariel is just as gullible as a teenager in love.

  8. Hmmm,looked scripted. I <3 Binoe but I don't get why this had to be done on national TV. (Well, OK, publicity.)

  9. I couldn't help not to comment...I don't like Mariel kasi, I just find her too "plastic". But, for some odd reason, I like Robin. So, what I'm saying is this - I don't like Mariel for Robin. haha!

  10. i know a lot of people who don't like mariel and a lot of people, i think, don't like her even more now. robin on the other hand is a charmer like that, but he did not have relationships with all the girls naman na was partnered with him. vina, sharon and kris --- they had real relationships tlaga ata, kaya nga they're still very close.

    my mom is good friends with a certain celebrity (whose name i would not give) and she reveals na of all the guy celebs (probably in her age) robin is the most charismatic, without even trying. he treats ever lady a special way and that's why a lot of them fall in love with him.

    as for the proposal, i think it is very weird and yes, it seemed very scripted --- pero diba ganyan nman si robin palagi? he's very loud about his love/emotions. he loves public declarations. i remember (i hope i'm not making this up) na he would kneel pa tlaga on television to say something to sharon or vina (when they had a thing).

    i hope it's not fake but if it is --- kadire!!! kung para lang sa isang movie --- kacheapan!

  11. ay ako keber,basta medyo kinilig ako..and the ring huh....pero if its for a movie lang nga talagang cheap nga

  12. scripted or not.. kinikilig ako! with all the showbiz ek-ek na "we're just friends", this "stunt" is refreshing. Sorry bitter ako kasi most guys I dated before super puro mega pahaging.. parang perpetual Taboo game. Until I finally put an end to it. :) Oh wait.. mabaha na to.. :) gagawa na lang rin ako ng post. :) hehehe!

  13. even with ruffa...remember the bruneiyuki probe at congress when ruffa was shouting "robeennnn" when she was mobbed by the press

    i remembered kris also wanted to elope with robin before

    iba level ng charm ni robin talaga

    as for mariel..i dont like her before...i like her even less now

    at bakit naman dala dala nya sa interview yung box of diamond ring nya...scripted much?


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