Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thinking of switching ISPs

I disappeared recently because our ISP’s service died for 8 days. Count that. Eight days! For a blogger and entertainment magazine editor like me, more than a week offline is like career suicide! I was so seriously angry. Angry!!! 

Not a few people suggested I just buy those little plug devices but I… can’t. I do so many things online (blogging, chatting, downloading, surfing, watching YouTube, etc) all at the same time that those little wireless broadband things just can’t handle the load. I mean, of course I can be wireless but I’m the most impatient person on earth so I just refused to do it. It’s like when you’ve gotten used to, say, La Mer. Other creams do the same job but not as well as La Mer. So, no, I’m not on a hate campaign against wireless broadband but, ya, a DSL connection has spoiled me rotten. Basically, why settle for less? 

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Anyway, on this blog’s Facebook wall, a reader suggested I switch to PLDT’s myDSL. And because I do listen to my darling readers, I did a little research and stumbled on this surreal YouTube video:

I had to replay that because it was just so fantastical! Some guy who looks like Joe Jonas prances around with the sneezing panda and the dancing Cebu inmates and the Pacman and, well, so many other characters from entertainment and viral videos. Kinda weird, kinda entertaining! So after watching it again, I realized that it’s saying this: With DSL connection, you can watch videos, download songs and TV shows and movies, do social networking, and enjoy 20 TV channels for free. Hmm. I like the free channels!

Then--strange coincidence!--yesterday at SM Megamall, I saw a PLDT myDSL booth so I sauntered over and learned that the subscription called XCITE plan 1995 gives an extra: the Watchpad. According to the guys at the booth, Watchpad is an interactive TV from your computer. While doing something on the Internet, I can have CNN and other channels on the background. They told me that there’s absolutely no need to log off to do Watchpad--I can surf, blog, and watch TV all at the same time! The guys there also assured me that service has improved significantly over the last few months because they’ve been “investing heavily in migration to a new system.” 

So what do you think??? 

P.S. In the video, doesn’t he kinda look like Joe Jonas? Who is this guy? Is he in theater or something? Is that really him singing?  
Joe Jonas

Jose De Dios 
I ask because I used to sing for TV commercials and once, I even sang a movie theme song! But only my voice was used. But that’s a story for another day.


  1. try sky broadband! The connection is fast and they have a 15-days trial period. They said wi-tribe is also great but I've tried and tested Sky:)

  2. oh!that's bad..

    i used smartbro & there was a time where i had a connection problem & was seriously angry. I canceled my class for a week because i dont have an internet. I was seriously contemplating if i would switch to a new provider, but when i think about it..i have been a subscriber for like 4 years now...& surely a week out of 1 week of no-net is not that bad..

    compare to other providers that have a super slow internet...

    not wanting to bash pldt's services, a couple of my teachers had tried pldt & not all of them are singing praises. I think it's better to still make some inquiries to the people living around you on what ISP is the best. For i heard that it still depends on your location... (i heard)

    In the place where im living at Globe sucks & so is Sun..pldt is somewhat mediocre.. i don't have any major troubles with Smartbro though..

  3. Tried Sky and the ones from bayantel. but im with PLDT because service is very consistent. Had trouble with Sky and bayantel everytime it rains. :]

  4. Currently with PLDT myDSL Service seems to be consitent compared to bayantel and sky, i think it depends on the location.

  5. Frances, we ditched Globe too because the service was bad!!! We're now with PDT, way, way, way better! :)

  6. We're thinking of switching, too, especially now that we're moving house. Lately, our DSL provider has been total c_ _ p, and we have had our fill. Hubby will look into which service is better. Haaaay. I feel so third world, as your hubby said!

    Glad you have connection again. 'Was missing your posts for a while there! God bless!

  7. hmmm.... i guess, it really depends on location. my friend who lives in makati is also having problems with pldt for more than a month now....
    i'm using globe and i agree with you!!! i wanted to change ISPs too but i might be going to another one that is more terrible than this. . . i'm staying tuned on this . . ..

  8. I never had problems with PLDT DSL even if it rains or even during Ondoy. Haven't tried Sky yet but my friends say ok naman :) But if PLDT, ok talaga sya :)

    Wow, I hope you do share that movie song you sang one time! :)

  9. PLDT and Smart - two companies that are synonymous with "relible connection" :)

  10. Ooh! I never knew that, Neighbor (that you used to sing for TVCs, and a movie)!

  11. hey, what movie theme song was it? do tell! :)

    I hope PLDT has improved its services and customer service since the last time I had their DSL service. At the time, my Internet was almost always down on Saturdays, starting around noon. I had 3pm deadlines every saturdays then, and sometimes I'd go home thinking I could finish uploading from home only to be disappointed because the service would be down or sluggish.

    If they still have the free 15-day trial, do that before you commit. :)

  12. Hmmm... interesting experiences you all have. Looks like it really depends din pala sa location, no? But most of you seem to be happy with PLDT so... maybe I'll try it na nga!


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