Monday, August 02, 2010

What’s up with Angel and Lucky?

So I’ve been stuck at home lately because my huge pregnant belly is not cooperating with my desire to go out and see the world (or finish making the September issue of OK! magazine at least!). This means I’ve been watching TV a lot lately and one of the commercials that have caught my eye is the one of another pregnant woman, Judy Anne Santos, loving her body and her skin because she takes Myra 400E.

She looks fantastic here! Unbelievably fantastic. Marriage sure is treating Judai well! I do think she looked more youthful when she was rolling about in bed, with one shoulder exposed, playing with that adorable little puppy. Which look did you prefer?

Then just as I was admiring Judai’s 32-year-old gorgeousness, this new commercial also caught my attention:

Well, well, well! Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin. I actually thought this was a teaser for a telenovela! Weren't they a couple before? Like, in real life? Or are they back together? Someone please clarify this issue for me since, being editor of a Hollywood magazine, I don’t follow local celeb news. Which also explains why I was so shocked when I saw how fantabulous Angel looks!

My goodness, that girl has blossomed! Like, totally. Her bikini billboard along C-5 was insane. I truly believe that’s the reason she won this year’s FHM Sexiest poll (with a whopping 284,156 votes!). Well, she looked hot on the billboard but I prefer her “Alagang Vitamin E” look in the Myra Facial Moisturizer and Myra Hand & Body Lotion commercial above. She really does look so… touchable. Like, she’s super soft and smooth. And with the way she looked, I can’t blame Luis for pining away for her!

Anyway, who’s tried Vitamin E here—whether in pill form or applied to skin? I’ve heard so much about how Vitamin E can really help our skin—this anti-oxidant can protect skin from free radicals (that’s pollution, UV light, and other environmental factors) and reduce inflammation, making it an effective anti-aging solution for those of us seeking to remain young-looking without resorting to Botox or surgery!

Well, I’ve never tried a purely Vitamin E pill but, because of my pregnancy, I am taking prenatal vitamins which are packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, and Vitamin E is one of the major ingredients. I must say, my skin does look better now than when I wasn’t taking any vitamins. So maybe this vitamins business really does work. Imagine if I had started taking vitamins when I was younger—not now, when I’m 33! I’d have been prettier! And even younger looking! Oh, how I’ve wasted away my youth!  


  1. You are so cute, F! Even without Vitamin E, you're so pretty. Yes, it could've been better but I don't think you wasted away your youth :)

    OMG, lapit na talaga lumabas si Jelly Bean!!!!!

  2. These commercials wowed me too! They look so damn good! Hahaha!

    Re the Luis+Angel thing, they used to be a couple, then they broke up, then Luis is trying to win Angel back again. Hehe. Chismosa much. :P

  3. Luis and Angel broke up months ago..I heard Luis is trying to court angel again... :)

  4. Haha, Tee, you're so nice to me talaga =) Thanks! But I just kept thinking about it! What if! What if!

    Kabbielicious and Debi, with the chemistry in this commercial, sana magkabalikan na sila. Bakit daw sila nag-break???

  5. i like that angel-lucky advert --- i was really surprised when they broke up cus i think they look very nice together... pero this advert is cute and i hope they get back together too!

  6. Jelly Bean will definitely have a gorgeous looking mommy! I know how much you take care of yourself and your skin! I'm sure you'll look as gorgeous as Juday and Angel :) Well not look LIKE them but same level of gorgeousness! Love ya!

  7. so Vitamin E do work! i need to try it! i think i still have time to save my skin. haha.

    and yes, Lucky and Angel have been over and done with for a year or so already. people say that they broke up months even before the official announcement of their break up.

    oh well.

    do swing by my blog when you have the time,

  8. i tried myra E 400 pills.i think they're good for the skin for real. but you know what you should try frances, fish oil supplements! not only is it good for the skin because of the antioxidant benefit, it's good for the eyes, and the heart too! plus because of its omega 3 DHA & EPA essential fatty acids, it's good for the brain too and prevents inflammation. it's good for pregnant women too! i was amazed when i found out about these benefits too that's why im going to trade in Myra E already for fish oil.

  9. I tried Myra before, but I wasn't sleeping much so I guess the intended effects were cancelled out by the lack of sleep? hehe.

    yeah, I agree with you on the lucky-angel chemistry. Sana nga they get back together na!

  10. Askmewahts, thanks! Hope to see you sooooon!

    Lizzie, yes, I'm taking the fish oil supplements, too! But I'm not taking the recommended dosage of 3x a day. I always forget! Nakaka-once a day lang ako.

  11. hi frances,

    love your blog. been reading your blog for a while but first time to comment here. I'm taking vitamin E 400iu for years. my doctor recommended it as an anti-oxidant and for cancer prevention (daw) and mas ok if you taking it with vitamin C.


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