Monday, February 28, 2011

My favorite Oscar gowns

Missed the Oscars red carpet yet again because Destiny Cable doesn't have Velvet Channel or any channel that shows the pre-awards glam. Oh well. Good thing there's Just Jared and his red-carpet report!

Here are my absolute favorites!
Sandra Bullock 
Sandra looked absolutely gorgeous in this red Vera Wang. She looked so amazing, she didn't need jewelry. Her arms are perfect!

Camila Alves
Matthew McConaughey's baby mama in a black Kaufman Franco ballgown is elegant and hot. Just look at the daring bodice! I really really need to get back in shape! I won't have these breasts for long so I have to show them off like Camila did!

Helen Mirren
When I'm in my 60s, I want to look like her! Helen's always had the most amazing taste in clothes, as evidenced by this Vivienne Westwood Couture gown that showcases all her womanly curves. Helen makes me look forward to the golden years because she never looks dowdy or boring or sad or alarming.I'm really studying her style!

Hailee Stanfield
And we have someone very young on our list but, just like Helen, Hailee knows how to dress her age. Here, Hailee, in a Marchesa with a ballerina hemline, looks young and fun and sweet and ethereal--just like a young girl should look like!

I just wanted to say that because I just saw photos from my niece's prom and I was appalled at the makeup and gowns. Really. They all looked 40! I am oh so glad my niece listened to my and my sister's advice. My niece became prom queen!

Gwyneth Paltrow
Well, you all know that I want to be Gwyneth when I grow up! Gwyneth totally rocked this Calvin Klein gown. I love all of Calvin Klein's gowns this awards season. I also loved the pink gown Claire Danes wore at the Golden Globes. All very simple, all very sexy, all very stunning.

Celine Dion
Another designer I love is Giorgio Armani and Celine was just celestial in this Armani Prive creation. She gave birth to twins just four months ago! Argh. I really have to hit the treadmill. For a minute there, though, I thought she was wearing the Heart of the Ocean.

I know, I know. My picks are kinda boring. All black and white and simple. I dunno what happened to me! I used to wear all the colors of the rainbow!

P.S. I am oh so happy Colin Firth and The King's Speech won! Amazing performance and a beautiful movie! Bravo!


  1. Great choices, Miss Frances. I have to say that Mandy Moore rocked that Monique Lhuiller gown as well. :) She was stunning.

    I join those who cheer the victory for The King's Speech. That movie was inspiring. Which is why I don't get the hate it gets from some Pinoy messageboards.:)

  2. I was going to do a similar post but now I'm tamad na. Hahaha. Mandy Moore's outfit had mixed reviews but I liked it. And Camila Alves looked hot! I barely looked at Matthew McConaughey in their pics together. Haha

  3. Actually, now that I looked at the gowns again, I really liked those of Cate Blanchett and Mila

  4. Mila Kunis on lavender gown for the win!

    I also loved Amy Adam's royal blue conservative gown. woot!

  5. I liked Amy's gown, too, but parang mali her hair? Parang dapat nakataas?

  6. i like Sandra outfit, even she did not wear any jewelry but she look fabulous..
    how much more if she wear jewelry na nababagya sa kanyang gown. i'm sure she look more pretty.

  7. I really appreciated Camila Kaufman Franco gown it look simple and elegant.

  8. Yes! Sandra and Camila looked amazing in such simple gowns. All the gowns needed were the stars' fabulous bodies and gorgeousness!

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