Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My new breakfast drink!

I usually start the day with oatmeal and a mug of decaf. I alternate that with an omelette and toast. And yep, still decaf. But I was never a fan of decaf. It's like buying fake bags, ya know?

So while I was musing over this strange situation I was in ("If I never liked decaf, why do I insist on drinking it every single day?"), I got a text from Trixie of Nuffnang, "You have a Tropicana gift pack here!"

Now I love Tropicana. I like it better than that pulpy juice. So off I went to Nuffnang's office for my OJ. And, boy oh boy, was I in for a treat! I got this!

They're called Tropicana Juice Plus. 

Calcium Boost 

Antioxidant Boost

It tastes a little medicine-y so best served super cold!

Now, when you're an aging 34-year-old woman like me, you need all the antioxidants and calcium you can get. And if you also happen to be a breastfeeding mama like moi, you need those even more because you're feeding another person with your milk. And Vito also needs all the vitamins and calcium I can give him. He's growing sooooo fast!

So here I am, happily drinking my boosted OJ. No more silly decaf for me! How about you? What's your breakfast like?


  1. Breakfast for me is one of these combos:
    1. granola+yogurt
    2. eggs & cheese+whole grain toast
    3. berry smoothie w/ ground flaxseed, yogurt
    4. french toast w/ cinnamon
    5. veggie omelet

    ...usually accompanied by a glass of organic soy milk, yogurt drink, or water.

    I drink coffee in the afternoon w/ my hubby--not decaf ;)

  2. Today it was a smoothie. I tossed sliced frozen bananas into a blender together with milk, strawberry yogurt, and honey (instead of sugar). Yum! And because the bananas were frozen, I didn't have to put ice in there. I do this with mangoes too.:) Also, something I discovered in college: apple-banana smoothies are great when mixed with Nesvita!

    Between sleeping in and cooking a proper breakfast, I normally choose sleeping in. Poor husband.

  3. Hi Frances!

    how are things? Glad to read that you are sticking to a healthy diet! I can't drink cold drinks during winter. Brrrr. I eat oatmeal mixed with a variety of nuts and dried berries and topped with lactose-free, room-temperature milk for breakfast. Boring, huh?

    hope you and Vito are doing great!
    take care,


  4. It's been 5 years since I left Manila, and like you, I love Tropicana. I don't think I can live without it.

    Is it really available in Manila now? We always get the one fortified with calcium too. Tropicana also has a "Trop50" version - less sugar, so they say, and it tastes lighter. I just hope Tropicana tastes the same as those that are sold here in the US, because they ARE yummy stuff.

  5. my breakfast comprises always of oatmeal and skim milk ... will try tropicana juice especially now that it has the calcium boost and antioxidant

  6. Hmm. Tropicana finally leveled up to involving health benefits to their typical orange juice. I haven't tried those yet but I def want to try the anti oxidant boost. And orange juice for breakfast is really good. Better than coffee.:):)

    madam of

  7. Martine and Tisha, di ko kinaya ang kasosyalan ng breakfast niyo!!! =)

  8. Hindi sosyal yun! Haha. It's just a way to keep bananas longer since I can't go through an entire bunch by myself before they become overripe (my husband doesn't like bananas).

    In our first few months of marriage, we would always cook brown rice and some sort of ulam in the morning (I love trying to replicate the Jack-o-Lean omelette at Real Coffee in Boracay). And then we just both decided that we liked sleeping in. Haha

  9. Hmmm... Sige, I will try that! I do have frozen bananas in my freezer now. Sobrang hinog na kasi pero di ko matapon.

  10. Uy, hindi ha! Stay at home mom ako, walang sosyalan dun, hahaha! I just have a well-kept store cupboard. Kaligayahan ko ang grocery :D

    Si Vito din kase eats full brekkie na (He likes veggie omelet! Yum!) So I make full b-fast; it's usually just me and Vito, cuz his dad's sleeps in.


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