Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marriage suits the new royal princess

Prince William must be taking a prolonged leave from his medical air evacuation/rescue duties because he's been out and about lately, showing off his stunning new wife. 

The new duchess is especially fetching with her slim figure. I know people think she's too thin but I think--with her long masses of dark waves, pretty eyes, big smile and skinny tall frame--she now looks like Angelina Jolie! She used to remind me of Katie Holmes and a dark-haired Lauren Conrad. So, for me, because she now reminds me of Angelina, skinny suits Catherine!

At the ARK Gala dinner, June 9

At the Trooping of the Colour Ceremony, June 11

At a friend's wedding, June 11

At the church service for his grandfather's 90th birthday, June 12

At the Order of the Garter festivities, June 13

What do you think?

*royal couple photos from Just Jared.


  1. I will definitely grab a copy after I get off work! ;)

  2. Oooohhh!! That's so cool! I'll try to see if I can join this contest! Thank you! :D


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