Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Berocca a day keeps the doctor away!

You know that cliche about editors and writers smoking stick after stick of cigarettes and drinking cup after cup of coffee? Well, where I work, the editors are all into healthy living. It was kinda strange actually, when I first joined the magazine world, seeing everyone I work with not smoking, eating healthy salads and patting off the oil on their pizza slices, putting on their sun screen, and drinking bottles of water. The movies were lying to me all along!

Anyway, one drink I often see being downed by my fellow editors is this fizzy orange stuff called Berocca. It's actually a tablet that you drop into a glass of water and it dissolves in a froth of bubbles, resulting to something that looks, smells and tastes like Royal Tru-Orange.

Except that Berocca is not a soda but a vitamin drink!

I've never tried Berocca before until Nuffnang sent me a pack last week—complete with a cute tumbler that is now missing because my son Vito played with it. Anyway, I let it sit on the dinner table for a few days. I wanted to read up first before I drank it. I'm pregnant and I have to be very careful what I put in my body!

According to the product info, it's really just a vitamin-and-mineral drink. It has Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc, Folic Acid and Calcium—all of which are essential to a pregnant woman! Especially the Folic Acid. If you're a woman trying to conceive, you should have lots of Folic Acid in your body as this helps in the brain and spine development of your baby.

So after being assured that it's healthy for me, I tried it. Vince tried it, too. We both like the taste. It didn't taste medicine-y at all. We were surprised at the fizz. That was fun! As for effects, well, Vince got very wired and hyper, which was strange since Berocca says it doesn't have caffeine, sugar or artificial stimulants. He definitely thinks it's an energy drink. As for me, you know how pregnant women are always tired and sleepy? Well, I didn't feel so exhausted! Fabulosity!
Take one tablet.
Drop in a glass of water.
And watch it fizz!

I asked my Twitter friends if they take Berocca and the response was wild. So enthusiastic!

@tarajerika said, "I take it when I have headaches. And hungover!"
@IrishDizon said that she feels "Energized! The tangy taste really wakes you up. Basta I feel ready to go, go, go!"
@ChinPossible said,  "I load up on Berocca when I'm feeling fluey. Also on weeks when I know my work load will flatten me."
@alvsmiranda said, "It's my go-to drink when I feel like the flu's rearing its head."

Hmmm. Marami siyang fans, ha! Are you a fan of Berocca, too? If you haven't tried it yet, you can check out for more fun facts.

Thanks, Vince, for the photos. I'm especially delighted with the gif!


  1. I feel like correcting myself by inserting a 'when' before hungover HAHA!

    I'd definitely take Berocca once a day if it wasn't expensive. I like its taste, too, lasang softdrinks without the bad stuff. And it really keeps the flu at bay. Where I work, agawan kami sa Berocca kasi mabilis maubos.

    This is something I bring whenever I travel, too! Di ba halatang masyado kong love ang Berocca? :D

  2. Wow, talk about perfect timing! In my line of work, I need to churn out words that should "sell." So, bawal ang inaantok! I heard Sting and Cobra doesn't really do well on the body. I'll definitely try Berocca because of its vitamin content. Thanks!

    PS. Aliw the GIF! :)))

  3. Berocca is the only thing that helps my awful jet lag.

  4. Wow, dami talagang fans ng Berocca! Maybe I'l ask them to sponsor a giveaway!


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