Saturday, December 03, 2011

Quiet please!

Haaaaay, grabe. Hindi ako maka-blog nang maayos kasi sobrang dami nang nangyayari sa local showbiz!

Because of my job as a Hollywood magazine editor, I really don't have time for local celebs. In fact when the KC-Piolo thing blew up, I didn't even know they were together. Duh. So kaloka kasi when I was catching up with the whole break up, cry cry kay Tito Boy with no makeup/unbrushed hair/plain shirt, and the resulting guess-what-was-between-the-lines hysteria all over Facebook and Twitter, I had to totally research. Like, two years of research. It was a tale of hot-and-cold-yes-and-no, then a certain M (social media says Mark, media says Maricar), and a whole lotta tuna.

Now I've said my opinion on the whole matter on Twitter and on Chuvaness and on my FB wall so I figured I won't litter na here. But just as that was kinda dying down and I was oh so ready to blog about happy things, eto naman si Mo-Rhiana-abortion chuvaloo! So naturally, research na naman ako. I didn't know they were together, I didn't know who the girl is actually until I was reminded that I took photos of her at an event, I didn't know they broke up on Twitter (ugh).

So, sige na nga. My thoughts! In random order.

1. Don't say you don't want to make sira someone then go on national TV and broadcast his shit.
2. Kailangan ba talaga mag-mukhang kawawa when you gave that interview?
3. Fine, fine. I've been heartbroken before. Yes, it can make you go insane. So I won't blame you for doing your tell-all na hindi tell-all. But, really, the whole wawa look looks calculated publicity to me. That only means you realy actually know what you're doing.
4. She never said the reason why they broke up or what exactly yung hindi niya na malunok so why is everyone assuming he's gay?
5. So what if he's gay?!
6. We seem to be a culture that's so accepting of gays but when this thing happened, well, hindi pala.
7. I don't think I can ever go through an abortion but I won't judge a woman who has done it (especially since I know a few and they are very nice girls. Hmm, what is it about nice girls?! Haha, judgmental!).
8. Haven't these two ever heard of contraception? If he had only used a condom and if she had only been on the pill, hindi na nagkaroon ng ganyang problema. It's so irresponsible!
9. Can you actually sue someone for confessing your feelings on video? Wasn't that some kind of video diary?
10. If you can sue someone for confessing your feelings, then that means the guy-rumored-to-be-gay can sue the girl-implying-it, right?

And now I feel like my blog is tainted! Local showbiz is so ugly. So fascinating!


  1. Rhian yun. Walang A sa huli. I don't where she appeared pero I know her name is Rhian Ramos. :) I don't like listening to Mo Twister. Bully siya. I prefer Chico and Delamar. yun lang. :)

  2. Oh. I guess it's super obvious I have no idea who she is. I've never listened to Mo Twister. Who's Chico and Delamar?

  3. Hi Frances, I have been following your blog since I started my own. I enjoy reading your posts :-)
    "So what if he's gay?" actually, that is not the issue, should not be....the issue here is if he did just use her as a lie to cover up the persistent rumor (or truth?)

  4. I think the issue should be what really is the issue?!? KC never said Piolo was gay. She just said there were certain things that she couldn't take anymore. He could've been cheating on her constantly, is abusive towards her, asked her to quit her career, asked her to diet (I know a couple who broke up because the guy kept telling the girl she was fat!), etc. KC never said he was gay!

    Actually, I think it is obvious that my sympathies doesn't lie with KC. Even though I know exactly what she's going through.

    When my abusive relationship in college ended, I felt so kawawa and used. I was so distraught, I had to go to counseling. You know what the counselor said after three sessions of me weeping? "Snap out of it. You allowed it to happen. Take responsibility and quit sniveling!"

  5. good morning! natawa ako sa mga comments mo. I guess all of us are entitled to our own opinions. when the piolo-kc break up news broke out and the whole interview bruhaha, ndi ko alam yun until the following day. hahaha! my daughters and I watched breaking dawn. so when I opened my twitter and fb, clueless ang lola mo. hahaha! kaya sometimes I prefer the "hollywodd" chismis. hahaha! you made my morning... :D

  6. i don't like how high-profile girls/women would come out on tv sans make-up so they'll look more kaawa-awa. what's worse is airing their dirty laundry in public. why can't our artistas be more discreet? :|


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