Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy birthday, Duchess Catherine!

And to celebrate, why don't you pick up the truly fabulous book my friend Tisha Angluben (editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping and blog author of Hey, Tishie, Tishie) and her staff created:

The gorgeous princess proves that being 30 is love! She looks so much better now than she ever did before, with her wavy locks, super svelte figure and elegant dresses. I thought she was pretty before but she looks smashing now!

A lot of people criticize her figure as too skinny. I don't think so. She looks strong and firm and toned. You can tell if a woman is too thin or just plain unhealthy by her skin and hair--if her skin is sallow and sagging and wrinkly or her hair is dull and thin, then she's obviously not eating well. This can happen to a thin person and to a fat person. Really, it's not your shape that matters, it's your health and fitness! And when you compare Kate's super slim photos now with her curvy photos before, Kate looks much healthier now--all glowy skin and shiny thick hair!

Thanks, Kate, for proving that health and the third decade are fabulous! So to those of you in your teens and 20s dreading your 30s, don't. Life is so much better!

I looked my best at 30, too. Then I got pregnant. Hahaha! And I'm pregnant again, hence the conspicuous absence of self photos lately on my blogs. I kinda don't look very good. Well, everyone says I'm a blooming pregnant woman (thanks, kind souls!) but I know objectively that I'm flabby and swollen. I swear I'll get back to fighting form when all this childbearing is done!

Hmm. I wonder how Kate would look like when she gets pregnant. The prince and his wife said that they'll enjoy a year or two adjusting to married life and royal duties. But we all know that babies are a king's No. 1 priority (especially in this age when royals don't really rule anymore). I, for one, would love to see little princes and princesses!

*photos from Zimbio


  1. Hi Ms. Frances! I love Duchess Catherine, I love everything about her. Since her engagement with Prince William, I always read articles about her.

  2. i had the said copy of OK magazine. I love Prince William especially Kate Middleton. I love her style. With regards to the hollywood babies, i love the jolie-pitt brood. hahaha!

  3. A few months immediately after the wedding, particularly during their North American tour, she was extremely and almost alarmingly skinny. And while her skin and hair were all fabulous, there was something unnerving about how small her waist had gotten. Looking at recent pictures though, she seems to have gained a little weight back. The wedding stress must have gotten to her (who can blame her?), but she seems to have bounced back now.

    And, gosh. Yes, her hair is so puuurrrdy. I read somewhere that she gets regular treatments that are uber expensive, but to get hair that pretty? I daresay it's worth it. Haha.

  4. Raindrops, then I hope you already have a copy of our book on Catherine! =)

    Grechie, thanks for buying a copy!

  5. Dontaskmetosmile, yep, that's what weddings will do to you. I was 105 lbs before my wedding and dropped to 98 lbs by the day itself. Without even trying! The nerves, the anticipation, the excitement, the stress!

    And I'm nowhere even near Kate status! Imagine what she had to go through! 2 billion people watching her. ACK! But she's a cool cucumber, that girl. But ya, you're right, her body didn't lie, no matter her smile. She was stressed out. Big time!

  6. Yay thanks, Frances!:) Hay nako, post pics na of yourself! You don't look flabby and swollen at all.

  7. i love how you used skin and hair as indicators of health :) got me thinking suddenly of my skin and hair. lol :) i better start eat healthier meals.


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