Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My week of Magnum

Last week, Vince and I attended a chi-chi lunch at Enderun for a mystery product launch. Lunch was just a lovely light salad and an equally light main dish of bouillabaisse. Why such light fare? Because the hosts stuffed us full with dessert! Trays upon trays of the most delectable Belgian bars and coolers full of the new Selecta Magnum ice cream bars.

Now, we had no idea that we were invited to the Magnum launch. Everyone was pretty hush-hush about it. I was thinking a new line of ice cream again, like the Gold Series, which I love! The Hazelnut Brownie is my fave--I almost always have a tub of it in the freezer. So when the waiters brought out the Magnum bars, I was surprised. Everyone was so excited and giddy (or was it sugar high haha) because everyone in the room seemed to have had this bar when they traveled abroad.

Event was pretty much packed with media. Print, TV and online! Magnum was also launching its ambassadors, you see, and celebrities are always attractions:
The ambassadors are TV host and magazine editor Raymond Gurierrez,
actress and singer Solenn Heussaff, celebrity stylist and fashion editor Liz Uy
and food blogger Erwan Heussaff. Not in photo is Tessa Valdes.

There are three flavors available (at your nearest convenience store, grocery, supermarket, gas station!) and for P50 a bar.
Vanilla ice cream dipped in Belgian choclate
(Vince's favorite!)

Vanilla ice cream wrapped in Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with almond chips

Triple chocolate treat of chocolate ice cream with chocolate truffle swirls
embraced in Belgian chocolate

My favorite is the Almond. Yep, I've tried them all. A bar a day and then I tried them all again (so that's 6 days) just to check if I really liked what I liked. And, yep, it's the nuttiness of the almonds that I love!

Speaking of nuts, are you on Twitter? Twitter was just going nuts about Magnum. One of my friends was starting to get annoyed: "Bakit puros Magnum ang nakikita ko sa Twitter feed ko? Ano ba yang Magnum na yan?!" Well, that's viral marketing for you! She ended up buying all three flavors, too!

So have you tried the Selecta Magnum ice cream bar? What do you think?


  1. I haven't tried it yet--sold out in the 7-11s I went to! I got curious rin when pretty much everyone was posting about it on Twitter.


  2. those magnum bars are SINFUL! i get them all the time here in singapore. i didn't know wala pa sya sa pilipinas. at least it's now there, enjoy!

  3. I'm loving Almond too!! I find Truffle too sweet ^^ but it's 60PhP at 7-11. lol :)

  4. hey F, Magnum is already sold at Php60. Their introductory price is at Php55.

  5. I've been a fan since I was 6 in Germany. Wow. 90s pa nun. Haha. Almond's my fave! :)


  6. This is so overrated. I don't get the hype.

  7. The suggested retail price is P50 daw. Wala na raw silang control sa patong ng mga resellers =)

  8. Melvel, galing ng PR nila, no? ;P

  9. When I travel and I'm in a public space and have ice cream craving, I go for Magnum! Sarap! Sosyal na Popsicle haha.

  10. Haha, Frances so true! The social media explosion worked. But what happens a few months down the line...people will move on to the next "in" thing.

  11. i love Magnum! i havent tried classic yet - but i definitely am loving chocolate truffle and almond. i cant decide yet which one i love most. haha

  12. yummy ice cream...these will be the death of me. i can't resist ice cream...

  13. I finally tried one last Saturday. Bought the almond flavor at SM Hypermarket for 50 pesos. It was good! I was supposed to buy from 7-11 where they sell for 60 pesos but backed out because the wrappers were getting undone. I called the attention of the merchandiser about it and true enough, when he checked the other bars, the wrappers were already open at the ends. Anyway, I am happy with the almond flavor. I love texture in my ice cream, especially nuts! =)


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