Monday, April 09, 2012

The Kate Spade dream

I'm a Kate Spade. I'm not a Louis Vuitton, a Prada, a Goyard, an Hermes (though I think they're amazing!). I appreciate the designs of Salvatore Ferragamo, Longchamp and Furla and wouldn't mind owning a few. But I am mostly a Kate Spade girl. I have her books and one bag. I'd like to have more but, in my old age, I've decided I'd rather sell bags and clothes and books than own them.

Of all the brands out there, it's Kate Spade that tickles my fancy most. I like the aesthetic, the femininity and even whimsy. And yet there's nothing superfluous or frivolous about the brand. It's pretty and functional and lady-like. The quality is top-notch but the price isn't over the top. If I put up my own clothing and accessories brand one day, I want it to reflect the same principles as the Kate Spade house. Just look at these photos that I grabbed from the online shop:

Sigh. Then there's the shoes, the accessories, jewelry, baby things, home stuff and stationery! It's like the total women's store! That's the dream really: I'd love to put up a shop of the things I love and share them with other women. I'm especially adoring the porcelain plates (I have a thing for a beautifully set table) and I really wish more people would make their tables pretty. We Filipinos love feeding and entertaining our guests after all! Imagine if we did it with fine china and stemware!

Anyway, I told Daphne, "I want to be the Kate Spade of the Philippines!" She was very encouraging. Then when the bag business died, I wailed to Nicole, "What was I thinking going into a business I know nothing about? I'm a writer, for goodness' sake!" So we'll see how this unfolds. I have many plans, many many plans. Some excite me more than others. Right now, my hubby thinks I should focus on the writing first. It is what I know best. He's right. One day, one day. We'll see!

Do you have any secret dreams? Please tell me so I can be inspired, too!


  1. i love kate spade! i own few items! it's functional and chic--very timeless.. :) great post! love your blog. following you now! kisses!

  2. During my me-time, I go to Browhaus for my eyebrows, Vivere for my hair, Nail Spa for Mani-Pedi and The Spa for massage. Because they are in different areas, I cannot do it all in 1 day.

    So, I would love to own a one-stop pampering house for all moms! House with salon and spa. I would add a gym and coffee shop. One place for our pampering needs. Aside from that, we can build a community where moms can chat and share experiences.

    That will definitely cost a lot of money... one day, someday :-)

  3. I want to be Ree Drummond (www.thepioneerwoman) of the Philippines -- blogger forever, lol. I know I'll never be a Dooce, or SimpleMom.

  4. And to add: I'm with you with the well-appointed table. I learned all about entertaining at home from my mom, especially since we often had visitors over. I'm still waiting for the perfect Noritake set -- I want several sets one day, just like my mom. And she has lots of fine linens, napkin rings, chargers, serving platters --- sigh. :)

  5. My ultimate dream is to travel the world and write about the places i've been to.
    You're right about kate spade,i also like the bags.feminine yet functional.

  6. I love Kate Spade too. That's my inner preppie girly-girl talking :p

  7. I love Kate Spade, too! I love how she uses brave, happy colors.

    And when you open your bag business again, I'm certainly going to buy from you!

    Secret dreams? I want to have a charming little bakeshop and travel the world. :)

  8. I love the pink pants! It's awesome! :D


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