Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sharing Solane's safety tips

Our rabbits saved our lives once. Before we had the babies, Galadriel (bless that bunny!) and Matilda used to hop free around our house. At night, we locked them in the kitchen.
Galady and Matilda: our heroines!
One night, the rabbits were acting super funny. They were in some sort of a panic. They ran around the kitchen, jittery, and attack the LPG tank. I had bought the tank earlier that day. "A dog must've peed on it," I thought. It never occurred to me to check the tank. Vince got concerned because our rabbits were behaving very oddly. So he checked the tank and discovered that it had a hole and was leaking LPG! Thank God for our rabbits!

I'm talking about this because Solane, the sponsor of this post, sent me some LPG safety tips and I wanted to share them with my readers. That's Shellane to us old-timers. Here's how to use your LPG tank properly plus emergency tips for when your tank has a leak:
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I have an extra tip: When you suspect that your tank has a leak, spread foam around the tank, usually at the regulator and seams. Try the hose, too. What foam? Oh, just soap up and get lots of bubbly lather going--that's what you put on your tank. If there's a leak, you'd catch it right away!

Anyway, Solane is proud to say that their tanks are inspected carefully and the regulators are reliable. Plus, they weigh the tank in front of you when they deliver to your house so you are assured that it's really full.

Recently, Solane introduced its Loyalista Plus Program. Order an 11-kg. tank for home delivery and Solane will give you free stuff like food, fridge magnets and cell phone load (Smart and Sun only). So I tried it out!
Clean tank! Walang kalawang!

Cool regulator—you switch it on and off. 

No more twisting like with this yucky tank. That's so last century, ya know!

Freebies with every home delivery! Yaya loved the load!

The delivery guy. Naka-uniform na, may itsura pa!

Ready to try Solane, too? Here are the Same Hatid Bahay Hotline numbers:

Manila: 887-5555
Outside Manila: 0918.887-555 (accepts only text orders)

You can also order via Solane's website. They have an ongoing promo actually. Order online and you just might win a year's supply of LPG!

So there you have it, folks! Better be safe than sorry. And Solane promises you won't be sorry with their LPG tanks. As their motto says, "The quality you trust, now in Solane!"


  1. I love that story of how your rabbits saved you! Out of curiosity, when you had your pets roam freely around your house, did they go to the bathroom everywhere or were they house trained? Just wondering as I've been interested in having them as pets.

    1. Rabbits are very clean creatures actually because they're prey animals, meaning they don't leave their droppings around because that makes them easy to hunt down =) But yup, my husband house-trained them anyway. They're cute pets but they're not as affectionate as dogs and cats.

      If you're to get rabbits, your worry won't be their toilet habbits. It's their penchant to chew on everything. Argh. Books, chair legs, table legs, carpets, pillows, anything!

  2. Aww. This is a very nice story. Now, I miss my rabbit. They are very loyal pets but I never got to toilet-train my rabbit. When he got older, he became very messy. But that's what I miss most about him. Now that he's gone, the house is quieter.

    1. Ya, rabbits are sweethearts. Lalo na the older they get, no? Hugs, Breena! I always grieve badly when my rabbits die. So I am sending you love right now because you lost your bunny baby =(


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