Monday, July 16, 2012

What makes a Furla ad?

Got a behind-the-scenes peek at Furla's Fall/Winter bag campaign. I know these shoots can be very expensive to produce but Furla's looks like a preschool stage production background! Just a few boards, some paint and cutout shapes!
Here's when I ask my toddler, "Vito, where's the square? The circle? The triangle?"
Well, hello there, beautiful!
The photographer. He's the most expensive part of the shoot!
What I love in this pic: Loooong neck. Structured bag.
Yaya, ilabas ang electric fan!
What I want to say is shoots always look so glamorous but really, they're just a lot of people working really hard with very little (unless it's a Vogue fashion spread!) and you get amazing results!

See how fab hair and makeup, a good photographer, an expressive model, an electric fan and a whole lotta lights transform the ordinary to the extraordinary:
Love. That. Bag!

Everything's so vivid. Especially that gorgeous green leather.

That bag is beyond beautiful!
Furla is available at Greenbelt 5. Shop shop shop! I'm seriously lusting after that last handbag.


  1. such beautiful lay-outs! and the bags are so drool-worthy!

  2. love it:) at first i thought the model was you :) hehehe

  3. Ooh! That jelly bag (I forgot the name). I wanted the sky blue-turquoise-esque version.


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