Monday, September 10, 2012

Tie dye's really back

Kate Bosworth in SUNO
Katy Perry in Gryphon 
Ashley Tisdale in Gypsy 05
Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhuillier
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture

When tie-dye shows up on the red carpet, that's when you know you MUST HAVE IT!

One of my most beloved dresses was a blue tie-dye dress that I wore on one of my first dates with Vince. That's 13 years ago, kids. I thought it was a nice, soft, hugged-my-body dress but I don't think he liked it! But it was a comfortable dress. Made me look even thinner. But tie-dye died when the new millenium was born and so I got rid of that dress and other shirts. Then this. Tie dye is back!!!

I think I'm too old for it, though. But I am the same age as Sarah Michelle Gellar. If she can wear it, so could I, right? The trick is to find a more elegant design. Now if only I can afford Monique Lhuillier!

*images from Just Jared (Ashley), Huffington Post (Jennifer), Outfit Identifier (Kate), Steal Her Style (Katy), Fashionista Barbie (Sarah Michelle)

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  1. I love tie dye stuff. My boss is an enthusiast. She gave me several baby stuffs that were tie dyed by her. Those are my favorites. Then, one Christmas, she gave each of her people tie dyed panties, and those are my favorite pairs. I was in Iowa State Fair and they had tie dyed exhibition and for sale clothes. The dresses are fancy, and of course, expensive...


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