Saturday, October 20, 2012

Must watch my electricity use!

It is so hot these days. Unbelievably hot. I keep looking at the calendar and can't believe it says October. Where is the brrrr in the -ber months??? Our aircons are always on now! Ack!

I blogged a few years ago about how my electric bill is so low that I don't even feel it hurting my budget. That's because we spent a lot of time out of the house working and eating. When we were at home, we usually just read books, watched TV, surfed, wrote and slept. When it got hot, we opened the windows and since we live in a high-rise, the strong gusts of wind took care of the cooling.

But then the babies came. Now we can't open the windows for safety's sake. So the aircons are always on. And the fans, too! Now the refrigerator's stocked up with food and always opened and shut for Vito's fresh milk needs. Less than 3 years ago, there was just two people in the house. Now there are 6! And you bet our electricity consumption went up and so did our electric bill!

In an effort to cut electricity costs, I found the new Meralco app suite called MOVE (MeralcO Virtual Engine). It's six apps that...
1. Will direct customers to the nearest Meralco branch - Meralco Office Directory
2. Will help customers know the different ways to pay their bill and how to find the nearest payment facility - Bayad Center
3. Calculates the amount of electricity an appliance consumes - Meralco Appliance Calculator
4. Give great ideas on how to use electric appliances correctly, thus saving electricity - Bright Ideas
5. Keeps customers updated with power-maintenance schedules - Power Maintenance Schedule
6. Lets customers view their electric bill online, anytime. - e-Meralco Bill

I love Meralco, always will, because as I keep mentioning here, my Mama used to work at Meralco and we were well taken care of, all those years Mama was an employee, even after Mama retired and even after she died. So I think it's great they came up with an app to help consumers lower their electric bill. That's just so service-oriented of them!

In my case, I can use the Meralco Appliance Calculator so I can tell which of our stuff uses up the most power. Vince says it's the appliances that use cooling/heating that make the meter go wild. That would be the ref, the iron, the fans and the aircons. Sigh! And we use all those constantly now! I guess I'll have to pay attention to the Bright Ideas app, too, so that we can figure out how to keep our energy consumption as low as possible!

Any suggestions on how you save on electricity?

The MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE app suite) is free and downloadable from the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and Blackberry App World. For details, check, like Meralco on Facebook, or follow @meralco on Twitter.


  1. Downloaded this app a couple of weeks back. Wonderful app, right?

    1. It's on my BB na, but this weekend pa lang so I haven't actually experienced it. But so glad you think it's great! =)

  2. Wow! I super duper love your new layout! <3

  3. Ooh, thanks for this info! I will be downloading this, too, now that my phone is working properly again — and needs to be plugged in for charging at least once a day, every day! D*mn iPhone.

  4. Inverter aircons and ref make consumption more efficient and this cuts down on the bill significantly, along with energy-saving lights and bulbs. Case in point: when we lived in a one-bedroom with flourescent lighting, old ref that needs defrosting and an old one horsepower aircon which we use moderately, my bill was 6k. After moving to a two-bedroom high rise with inverter appliances and energy saving lights, my bill was 3k. We also don't iron clothes worn at home. We try to straighten out clothes while hanging them out to dry and only iron those that are needed for the week, and even then only those that are absolutely wrinkled.

  5. I have also downloaded the app! And oh boy, it's really nice. I now have an idea how much is being consumed by a certain appliance.


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