Thursday, December 06, 2012

Shopping for Christmas deals at Deal Grocer

Okaaaaay, it's December and I've not done any gift shopping at all! Well, that's not totally true since I've already distributed Baked by Lizelle chocolate cupcakes to my former officemates but I still have family and friends to shop for. The trouble with me is I have so much work lined up in the next 3 weeks (I'm unemployed, yes, but I have tons of freelance work) that I'm pretty sure I won't have time to brave the traffic, the full parking, the long lines at the cashier. So I'll do what I do best: Shop online!

Right now, I'm checking out Deal Grocer's Christmas Collection. I've been a Deal Grocer member for a year now. That's where we got great deals for our first date at LuLu after I gave birth to Iñigo and for Vito's Little Tikes car. I'm really liking their selection this year. Here are my favorites:

Restorative Acupuncture with Ventosa at Living Life Well

I would love to have a dozen coupons of this please! I never believed in acupuncture until a few years ago. I had the most awful cough. The pulmo had given me three kinds of antibiotics and the damned thing just won't go away. Finally, I went to an acupuncture clinic for acupressure and acupuncture. Within 5 minutes, I could breathe. That night, I was coughing up gobs of phlegm. When I woke up the next day, my cough was gone. Acupuncture works!!!

Soothing 60-Minute Signature Foot Spa + Reflexology from Ki Spa

Ohhhh, I'd love to just sit and let someone massage my feet all day. I feel the most pampered when my feet get rubbed. They are the most abused part of my body. I'm always running around busy busy busy. My feet look awful really. This foot spa and massage is love!

Complete NUCCA Chiropractic Exam & X-Rays from N8 Upper Cervical Chiropractic

I have slight curvature of the spine. Yes, scoliosis. My spine bends towards the right a bit. It could be years of poor posture, years of slinging heavy bags on my right shoulder. So a session (or two or three) of this would be very nice!

Makeup Courses from Make-Up Designory Manila
I actually know how to put on makeup on myself. But it's 5-minute, rush-out-the-door kinda makeup. I'd love to learn how to do professional makeup, if only so I could use the tons of creams, powders, liquids and lipsticks given to me by beauty brands!

Woah, woah. Wait a minute! How did this become my wish list??? I'm supposed to be shopping for others! Okay. Let me focus. These are great gift suggestions for...
90-Minute Full Body Detox Massage + Ginger Body Wash from Ki Spa for your mom, sister, best friend, lola
5 hours of karaoke (with drinks!) from Centerstage MOA for your dad, barkada, cousins
Photos printed on fine art canvas from Photocraft for newlyweds, couples with small kids,
couples with any kind of kids, and grandparents
Colorful wristwatches from Quiksilver and Roxy for your best friend, sister, brother, favorite cousins

There's a lot more fabulous gift ideas on Deal Grocer. Stuff like dance classes for kids, delectable goodies already packaged in festive wrap, buffets for your family and friends to try out, sweet hotel stays, and many more. I'll update you weekly on the deals! Meanwhile, if you're not a Deal Grocer member yet, sign up using this link: This is Frances's referral link! Ya, pleeeeeease click on that so if you sign up, I get $20 shopping credits!!!

*photos provided by Deal Grocer


  1. i've signed-up. yan na ang papasko ko sa yo, ms. frances ha. =)
    been following your blog for a while now.
    happy for your new career.

  2. Nice watches ... They will be best for Christmas and other holiday gift items


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